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    Well you can certainly jigger something to output to a TTL type deal, and from there you could convert to VGA and whatnot with off-the-shelf converters. Plus, I am dead set on having a stash of good CRTs sealed away somewhere so I can be the last one running original macs :P.
  2. Now that is truly one rare machine. Hold onto that!
  3. Has it been recapped? Sound issues such as those could be bad sound filter caps.
  4. This would be great. A single SCSI address emulator with a card you can partition via the software formatters is all most of us will ever need.
  5. Oh my gosh, I can NEVER find anything Apple-related at Goodwill! I have been looking for one of those for years! Nice find!
  6. 3.9 µf non-polar films are stocked by Mouser...I think EU shipping is prohibitive, though.
  7. If someday they no longer have use for those old machines, you know where they will have a home!
  8. I'd love to make an adapter for that port.
  9. Just for future sake...is it possible to ever repair these? Someday we are going to run out of Portable displays...
  10. Bolle, seeing your photos truly makes one see just how much damage battery acid causes, and just how damn near impossible it would be to repair such damage externally. Alternatively, however, if you guys scan this stuff in at each layer and make a diagram of what goes where, then the poor soul looking for the other end of a rotted trace actually will have a shot of bypassing it if he knows where the heck the other end is.
  11. We don't all possess some common sense. This person belongs in the not all of us category.
  12. That has got to be one of the most comprehensive letters I have ever seen.
  13. You know, it's funny, I do basically the opposite. I see things like $100 questionable working analog boards on eBay and think "that's crazy, I have a few of those" and then if someone needs one I'll sell it for $30 or something, more if they want a recap and I'll increase the price for parts and a little labor. But I can't justify trying to gouge people on the price. I don't see myself sitting on a gold mine, just some parts that might be really useful to someone for their restoration. If someday there are three of a part left in creation and it really IS worth $200....well, then, it is and I
  14. Crazy. All seems to be the equivalent of fool's gold!
  15. I'd never heard of this Gold thing...amazing what people think.
  16. Well, I guess to make the best of it, work some heat compound and a heat sink on that bad boy and use it!
  17. Nice find! Appears to be in real good shape. Where was this place?
  18. Pretty much what I was trying to say; you just said it in a much cleaner way!
  19. Now, which disks were failing to boot: the Zip or Jaz? Which machines were they not booting: all or only some? You were selecting the disk you wanted to boot from in the Startup Disk control panel? Were the disks being ejected at startup immediately, or were the machines reading from them for a while and then ejecting them? Are these internal or external drives? It sounds like a load order thing in that you using the command do ignore the internal drive made it load from whatever disk you had in. The final thought I had is perhaps there is something with the later version of the Io
  20. Very neat...and just crazily ambitious. I’m just amazed at the skill of those around here. What is your background?
  21. LaPorta

    Small items

    Very interesting...and a very cool find as well.
  22. Out of curiosity, does that eventually happen to all screens or only some? I worry sometimes about runtime on my Portable.
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