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  1. I was able to find a copy of Apple File Exchange on my System 7.1 "Tidbits" disk. Both Apple PC drives work perfectly, although at times the Apple File Exchange software was picky with certain disks. Sometimes it would ask for a disk that was previously loaded and then hang the IIfx. I also discovered that putting a 5.25" disk icon in the Trash causes 7.1 to freeze and show the bomb. SoftWindows was no better, either. While it recognized the PC drive, any attempt to load programs would freeze the computer. Despite some flaws, it's an interesting piece of kit, and from what I've he
  2. Did Apple File Exchange come pre-installed with 7,1, or do I have to dig it up from another install disk? I know for certain I have PC Exchange since the SuperDrive can read MS-DOS disks.
  3. Picked up a couple of Apple 5.25 PC drives on eBay, along with the mandatory PC NuBus Card for the Mac II series. What happens is the red indicator light shows on the drive, but nothing else happens. All of the connections are tight and the 5.25" DOS disks I want to read still work on my Commodore PC 10-III. I even tried to see if the disks would run in SoftWindows - it says that no drive is present. My understanding is the card and the disk drive were plug-and-play and that no drivers/software were required. Were these a System 6 only device? I'm running 7.1 on the IIfx.
  4. I installed the full-size Quantum in the AVID enclosure and it appears to be a blank drive (IIfx shows blinking question mark on startup) and yes, it does conflict with the IIfx's internal drive as the Quantum takes priority. If there's a way to change the ID setting on the IIfx's internal drive, I'm all ears. Pic below: The drive installed in the 5215 is a 4GB Quantum Fireball, which still worked before going into slumber. Since the software on my A/UX HD doesn't work (moar infos here), I might go ahead and wipe that and put a clean install of 8.1 (it's a 750MB Quantum). As for sho
  5. On the AVID HD controller board in picture #3, there's a port to plug in the SCSI ID switch in the back. My Quantum drive does not have that port. Is that going to pose a problem if there is no means to power the ID switch?
  6. Good to hear. I've got a full size Quantum Pro Drive that I want to test out.
  7. Just out of curiosity, can the HD in the AVID enclosure be swapped with any other SCSI drive?
  8. That likely explains it. From what I recall, I don't have any partitions on the AVID drive and any formatting that was done would have been through my 5215CD. I'm currently running System 7.1 on the IIfx and I don't want to use the same drive to upgrade it to 8.1 The only program I've used thus far is the Apple HD SC setup and the only drive that appears is the one installed in my IIfx.
  9. I've now begun to sort through my external SCSI HDs. My 20SC, which houses a Seagate ST-225N, still works perfectly after over a decade of ownership and communicates happily with my IIfx. However, my AVID 9GB drive, which I last used with my long-sold Performa 5215CD, isn't recognized at all by the IIfx. I can hear the HD spin up and both the power and busy indicator lights function as they should. There is no system folder on the AVID HD - just some documents and programs I transferred to when I still had my 5215CD. Thoughts?
  10. Tried the 8.24 GC card again with my LaCie. The power supply still makes a rapid clicking noise when the GC card is connected to my LaCie. No clicking when connected to my 32" RCA HDTV, although the color has a green hue (same effect with my Mac II High-Res card).
  11. Both my 950 and WGS95 power supplies are in working order AFAIK (haven't used either in sometime). I always keep my computers connected to a Belkin surge protector and then disconnect them when switched off. Just amazed that such a beast of a PSU can be taken down so easily. Age is a bitch.
  12. Good to know my 950 has a fragile power supply. Any difference between the 950 and the WGS95 power supplies?
  13. That's sweet. I've dealt with OWC before when I upgraded my Mac Pro 1,1 some years back. Very good quality.
  14. Reviving this thread because I finally fixed the crashing issue that has been plaguing my 950's HD since I got it (also got a key for it - thanks to Beachycove for that). Basically there were a couple of extensions that were causing the fault, one of them being some program called "FINDIT," which is now permanently removed. The others oddly enough were some Norton extensions, namely the Backup Scheduler, FastBack Scheduler, and Partition Extension. I ran a scan on the HD with Norton Disk Doctor using my IIfx and everything checks out fine. No bad sectors or bitmap errors or other such nonsense
  15. I've got a boxed copy of 8.1 and the HD that was pulled from my disintegrating Performa 5215CD also runs 8.1 (I even have the 20+ OEM floppy series too, just missing the box). I'll be installing that drive sometime soon on the IIfx to pull off whatever data is still on it, I might even do a fresh install of 8.1; it all depends on the condition of the drive.
  16. Just ordered another set of the 128 as a backup. Loving the upgraded RAM and the build quality is exceptional thus far. No issues with gripping, fit, etc. It's not a real hindrance, maybe an extra 35-45 seconds to get to the Welcome screen. Please remember to leave feedback on eBay, thanks.
  17. Removed the batteries, checked voltages (both read very good on my voltmeter). Shuffled the video cards around, and now it works. Everything is back to normal. LaCie monitor reads 35.0kHz and 66.8Hz. Haven't attempted to use the 8.24 card. I want to sort out my floppies first before blowing something up.
  18. A couple of things: Both the High Res card and the 8.24 were installed in the IIfx at the same time. Never had a problem with this setup until now. I think all of the tantalums were replaced on this unit. Power supply (an Astec unit) was also recapped. I've owned this machine for seven years; been one of the best until now. Maybe, but I don't see how a reset from a hanging floppy program would cause that. I also installed two new Saft 3.6V batteries a couple of weeks ago. Was running solidly. I'll double check the voltages. I'd be very surpr
  19. I was sorting through a bunch of old floppies. One of the programs on the floppy hung the system and I was forced to press the reset button. Upon pressing the reset button I was greeted to the Chimes of Death and this error on my LaCie monitor: Why would the monitor or High Res video card suddenly alter the signal frequency? I tried using my 8.24 video card, but the IIfx won't start up at all (I hear rapid clicking sounds from the power supply, not sure what is up with that). I also tried my other High Res video card; same problem. Everything is nice and tigh
  20. RAM came in yesterday. Works, although I noticed that the IIfx takes a bit longer to reach the Welcome screen and power on my LaCie monitor. Afterwards, it's amazingly fast, although it wasn't a slouch even with 8MB. Currently running SoftWindows for Macintosh, sound driver issues notwithstanding (never thought I would play Windows 3.1 Solitaire on a vintage Apple product). My only caveat is I was stuck paying some customs fees, however given the exclusivity of parts for the IIfx I couldn't pass this up. Such is the joy living in Canada. Pics:
  21. All I can say is good luck finding any Compact without some form of burn-in. They all have it and it's always at the top where the taskbar sits.
  22. Yep, and near any text or icons. Some good reading in this thread here
  23. Don't forget there was also some significant ghosting when we increased the brightness. On another note, the Quadra key works perfectly on my 950 - no need to have it recut to fit the lock.
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