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  1. Yes I have plenty of test equipment. It looks like this particular trace is hard to see. I may have to break out the magnifying glass and spend a little time with it. I wish I had a functioning IIci board so I could compare.
  2. I actually removed and resoldered all the caps in the area. Nothing. One of the solder pads looks a little smaller than it should be as though part of it is gone or lifted. The solder sticks to the remnants fine but I'm curious if it's actually making contact with the trace.
  3. Thanks for the excellent responses. I'll try to post additional photos soon. I think I'll operate the SE without the card however. I usually like my Macs stock. If I want a faster SE with an 030 I'll just use my SE/30. What a concept!
  4. Interesting article. There appears to be several similar models from Applied Engineering, so it's impossible to know from this article which of those models were intended for IIsi or IIci.
  5. I picked up a Macintosh SE and a Macintosh SE/30 from a local craigslist ad for FREE. The SE/30 works beautifully and is in excellent condition. What a find! But the Mac SE was advertised as "for parts only" due to an unknown flaw. The back of the SE was marked "Two 800k Drives" but the front bezel had a hard drive light and drive slot cover. Someone apparently upgraded it at some point. The case was missing its screws, so I pulled the back cover off and discovered a missing hard drive. I also discovered a MYSTERY accelerator card that was FORCED to fit inside the SE case. I tried t
  6. I had installed a brand new 1/2AA 3.6V lithium battery when I did the caps. I went back and checked and the voltage from the batt is only 2.5V. The batteries are stamped with a May 2011 manufacture date so I thought they should be fresh. But I was expecting at least 3.6V. Could this be causing my problem? I am skeptical because it was booting fine off a much older battery a few weeks ago. I rechecked a lot of my cap work and it looks fine. I can't figure out what I might have done to cause this, unless it was a stray static shock somehow.
  7. I researched the cuda button. The IIci doesnt have one. But I still suspect a similar issue.
  8. The switch appears to function based on a quick check with a multimeter. What is the cuda button?
  9. I just recapped my Mac IIci. I was very careful. But I did wash by hand and dry the motherboard, just as I have done with other boards without problems. All the caps seem to have installed fine. But when plugged in, nothing happens. Pressing the power button does nothing. Pressing the power button on the keyboard does nothing. Checked the power supply, and I appear to be getting the correct voltage (+5.12V) from the supply. Double checked proper seating of the power supply to the board, and it looks fine. But the board is dead. Any ideas on what to check first?
  10. I'd venture to say this is due to the caps controlling the on/off switch. I have noticed that my IIci (before recapping) doesn't respond to the power switch at all. It doesn't spontaneously turn off, but it remains on all the time and can't be switched off without unplugging it. I noticed several bad caps right in the vicinity of the power pushbutton on the rear of the logic board. I've removed all the caps and am waiting on a new set from trag. I'll try and remember to post if this fixes the power issue for me.
  11. Well it was my first try re-capping a classic Mac, and I started with the Classic II. I got my replacement tantalum caps from Trag in the Trading Post subforum here on 68kmla. He was kind enough to ship me 13 replacement capacitors: 47uF qty 3 10uF qty 8 1uF qty 2 I went to work using two (2) of Radio Shack's cheapest, 15W soldering irons. I've soldered some in the past, but I'm certainly not an expert. I heeded the advice I found in the Capacitor thread, and used paste flux to clean the soldering area well. It really made the difference. I had no problem with lifting pads. I
  12. This was quite a find on my local Craigslist. I paid $100. For that I got: Mac IIci - good condition, 32mb ram, and a DayStar 040 card, with a 1250 MB internal drive (wow) Apple Color Monitor External CDROM drive that works External MAGNETO OPTICAL drive that takes 128MB 3.5" disks About 30 M.O. disks full of Mac software including strange chemistry and botany software packages One (1) large actual SUITCASE full of floppy diskettes holding bizarre and varied Mac software, thousands of floppies One (1) large BOX 18"x24"x20" full of floppies, more M.O. disks, boxes of UNOPENED M.O.
  13. On my Quadra 800, I have Stuffit Expander 5.5 installed, and am attempting to decompress files downloaded from Macintosh Garden. It works on some files, but many of the files begin extracting only to stop after the first file. Stuffit Expander then just quits with no error code, nothing. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. Interesting problem. I have a Quadra 800, which is a super nice machine. I also bought two external hard drives. Unfortunately, neither of the external drives is mountable on the Quadra. The first external drive is an Apple External Hard Drive, 9GB. It won't open under System 7.5.1. So I tried System 7.6, which should have support for drives over 4 GB. No success. Then I tried the LaCie External Hard drive. It *mounts* under 7.6 but I just get a Readme file that says the drive is formatted under Extended HFS or something like that. It then informs me that I need System 8.1. The prob
  15. I have a WORKING 575 motherboard, a WORKING 575 Sony Trinitron CRT, and a busted 575 analog board. I also have a 575 case that is in shambles and severely cracked in multiple places. If any of these items interest you, send me a PM.
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