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  1. A lot of people love the 8600. I am not one of them. I like the tower case design and stuff, but it seems every 8600 I have ever touched was either super finicky or just plain flaky. The 8500 on the other hand has been nothing but rock stable for me. I have owned about 5 of them in the past all from various sources. Some shady, some legit, but every machine ran like a champ.
  2. Interestingly enough I pulled my 1400/133cs out of the closet today and it refused to power on. I left it plugged in for 15 minutes and still nothing. Then I hit the little reset button on the back. Booted right up. Still. I think I am going to sell it. Or trade. There is just something about my 5300 that appeals to me far more than my 1400.
  3. If you get one of the G3 iBooks working, I'd buy it. As long as it doesn't suffer from the GPU problem. Drop me a PM. I miss my old 12" iBook.
  4. The 8500 is my all time favorite Macintosh tower computer, followed closely by the Beige G3 tower. Sadly my 8500 died a few years back. What I wouldn't give to acquire another one. There's just somethng about the design of the tower, it's aesthetics and its hardware that just calls to me. Seriously. Like no other machine on the planet ever has, the 8500 knows me. It knows that I destined to forever be in love with it. It is, pure. Machines come and machines go. Speed, ever increasing. Specs always climbing. New GUI's, new paradigms. Yet in the cold of the night I always hear the startup chime
  5. Temetka

    Nice 520c

    I had a PB520c many years ago. It was an OK laptop. Not my daily driver but something to tinker with none the less. IIRC, I sold it on e-bay to another Mac collector. Considering I hardly used (much preferred my PB5300) it wasn't all that big of a loss. Have fun with your little PB though.
  6. If it were me I would run it at 700MHz and move on with my life. Hope it works out for you.
  7. Gratz on the cube and the 800MHz G4. I'd like to find something like that for my BeigeG3.
  8. Nice score. Treat it with respect and it should serve you well. I myself owned 3 Ti's throughout my life and I loved them to death. 2 of them died a painful death from broken hinges and mutliated LVDS cables. The other sampled my iced tea and while it was delicious, it never powered on again. All 3 were sold in one bulk auction on e-bay netting me enough cash to buy a 15" AlBook which is one of my favorite portable macs. Backlit keyboard, clean looks, killer (for the time) GPU and CPU. I gave it to a friend of mine who had a bad streak of financial difficulties and had to sell almost a
  9. Use it as a NAS and Firewall running some form of *NIX. Move on with your life. Problem. Solved.
  10. If it were me, I would buy the G5 for $250 no questions asked. I bought a 1.8GHz G5 a few years ago and I loved the machine to death. I sold it to a friend of mine whose financial situation is poor and was still using his Amiga 4000 as his main computer. He loves it and of course is very happy with the speed. I miss my G5. I miss that it was limited to PPC software, yet ran IMO, the most exotic version of the PPC CPU to ever grace a Macintosh. The G5 was a triumph in terms of not only case design, but a complete architecture over haul for Apple especially when they really needed a high
  11. Temetka

    WGS 9150

    Forget the 9150. Did you guys see this?!?. Man I learned to program on those! Clunky as hell, but still very cool. The fact that you not only own one of them, but also have the requisite boxes and RAM upgrades for it grant you +50 internets. I remember reading over various computer mags back in the day (Omni comes to mind) and looking over some of the addons for those machines. My frozen admin's heart warms a tiny bit recollecting those nascent days of drooling over uber cool hardware and not being able to afford any of it. Oh wait, I still do that now.
  12. Grats on the score. I know some people hate but I love that case style and design. For whatever reason, it just appeals to me on a very basic level.
  13. Old keyboards FTW! That clicky beast looks downright awesome. May it serve you well.
  14. Grats on the 1400c. They are good machines. TBH though, I never was impressed by them. I love PowerPC laptops and one of my all time favorites has to be my 5300c. Sure it's slow, but it lets me write, play a few vintage games and it never sees the internet. I consider this a huge bonus because the internet can be very distracting at times. That being said the 1400 does have 2 features that I would love to have in my 5300. The first being an internal CD drive. The 2nd being the the removable covers which can be replaced with other neat-o looking ones. Even better is if you have the clea
  15. Do not say bad things about the 8500. I know the case can be a pain to work with, but it is still one of my all time favourite Macs. The 6x AV machine is pure win though. I have wanted one of those for many years. Yes I know they are underpowered a bit and the 8500 or 7600 is a clear step up, but there is something about the machine that just grabs me.
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