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  1. Haven't been able to get my CS II card to work correctly either, neither on a 6400 or 6500 board (it used to work at some point but can't seem to get it to work now). It's recognized by the system as a PCI card but regardless of extension, it's not detected as an ethernet adapter. Not sure if it's driver related or with there is something physically wrong with the card itself, which could be the case. Out of curiosity, do both your CS cards use the same chipset (I believe mine is Intel based).
  2. Per the article posted on jagshouse.com (http://www.jagshouse.com/DOScard.html) it seems that the PM 6100 Dos Card will work more or less - under some configs perhaps with caveats - in the following machines: Centris 650 Quadra 650 Quadra 700 Quadra 900/950 Quadra 800 Powermac 6100/66
  3. I wonder, when you "pledged" your hardware, did you apply it directly to the circuit board, or did you apply it onto a cloth and wiped carefully? How exactly did you do it?
  4. Hi Guys, Yeah, I was pretty weary at first taking off the stock cooler since I've read the article about cracking/breaking 601's. I removed the board from the case and made sure to be extra careful when unclipping and replacing the heatsink. So far so good and no damage done *phew* Trag, after taking off the stock heatsink it was pretty obvious that new thermal compound was needed. The stuff was so dried up it wasn't even funny - almost like plaster you use for spackling drywall ... yeah ... I ended up using the heatsink that came with the 486 DX/2 that I pulled off the DOS Card since
  5. Hi Guys, I have been contemplating on moving the Cyrix 5x86 CPU which I am currently using in my 640 DOS Compatible onto the 6100/66's DOS Card. Since the Cyrix CPU requires an interposer which converts the 5V provided by the card's socket to 3.45V which the CPU requires, there would very little clearance left between the two CPUs (they are just about on top of each other). It seems that the 601's passive heat sink uses a significant amount of space, so I was wondering if you guys think using e.g. the heatsink from a 6500 in combination with a fan would suffice to cool the PPC 601? The 601
  6. All my machines except for the Cube and the CC are stored in my TV cabinet. Since I don't have a decent CRT for my machines I have repurposed my 40" LCD TV as monitor since it offers VGA connectivity. Kind of overkill for machines which usually just display 640x480 (the 6100/66 DOS Compatible and the Performa 640 DOS Compatible), except for the 7500 which runs at 1024x768. The cube sits permanently on my desk near my PC beast, and the CC is floating around depending on my mood - it doesn't have a permanent home yet. I guess in the end storing/placing your machines will depend on how frequ
  7. I have to admit that the description for this one isn't very specific. One can only assume at this point, but according to VRAM Chart (http://support.apple.com/kb/TA29136?viewlocale=en_US), if it's 68pin VRAM then just about all of the LC/Performa/Quadra/Centris could use it. Guess it's time to call/email in order to find out more details (speed, etc.) ~BeniD82
  8. Hi Guys, Not sure if you guys have any use for this but I figure it can't hurt to share the information. While most Power Macs these days can or have been upgraded with either a G3 or G4 accelerator containing an exuberant amount of L2 (or even L3) cache on-board generally, in some cases, machines such as the Performa 6100/66 can't really utilize an accelerator if using either a Nubus or DOS Compatibility Card. Since I still wanted to be able to have a somewhat responsive system but without sacrificing my DOS Card, I had been looking for ways to somewhat improve the overall performance
  9. To me personally the Radeon 7500 AGP Mac Edition is the best choice when considering the relationship between cost and performance. It fits into the cube just fine and you won't have to do any modifications to either the cube or the card other than removing the slot cover since it won't align with the Rage 128's fencing. I got mine off eBay for 20,-- so that's still feasible (unlike e.g. the Geforce MX/4 or whatever that thing is called exactly). Runs beautifully with full driver support under both OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.5.8 at 1080p (granted I am at max RAM and using a Sonnet 1.8 GHz CPU).
  10. ... Woah! I would say you got a great deal on your cube, considering I paid about $450,-- for mine, which isn't nearly in as good of condition as yours. From what I can see by your screenshots your Cube is in nearly pristine condition, which is AWESOME! Mine may not be in top physical condition (few nicks and scratches here and there) but I don't like it any less. Makes a great *compact* machine for botch Classic and older versions of OS X, especially if you can source some extra RAM and a Radeon 7500 Macintosh Edition (both should still be readily available on eBay). The Radeon defin
  11. Hey There! My Cube has the tendency to shut off if I move it around. I found out that in my case this is caused by USB connectors on the bottom of the cube. The connectors are in terrible shape (they look VERY ABUSED, bent/broken pins, warped houing - yeah, it's ugly) so when you move the cube, anything plugged into the connectors (especially the Cube-specific Harman Kardon speakers) will cause a short which will shutdown the cube if it's running, and also won't allow me to start it back up. Wiggling on the connector will usually fix it (may take a a few nudges but it will boot up again).
  12. Oh yeah, not to forget, I actually upgraded the original Intel 486/66MHz with a 100MHz Cyrix 5x86 ... had to add a socket/power converter to get it working, but the difference in speed on the DOS side is VERY noticable!
  13. Sorry for "raising the dead" so to say, but I just wanted to add my two cents... I own a Takky Colour Classic which is now actually fully loaded, containing the guts of a Performa 6500 with a Sonnet L2 G3/500, CS II ethernet, A/V card, and some no-name USB 1.1 board in the PCI slot. Before going for the full-fledged PPC mod, I actually tried the Mystic mod first (LC 575 boad), in combination with the VGA mod, which was shortly after followed by my Takky 68k mod. After making the necessary modifications to the harness, I dropped in the logic board of a LC 630 DOS Compatible (or was it a 6
  14. I ran into issues on my cube (stock Rage 128 and Radeon 7500) when trying to play DVDs after having installed OS 9 using the OS 9.1 disk (kept telling me that the hardware could not be found, which is weird knowing that it is an Apple-branded super drive and that it's working great in OS X 10.4). After reinstalling the OS using my OS 9.2.1 disk, the Apple DVD player software apparenly "registered the hardware" and DVDs play just fine. I'm not sure if it's related to the version of the Apple DVD software, DVD/video driver but using the 9.2.1 install did the trick for me. Not sure if it helps bu
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