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  1. All the beige G3 I saw so far were pretty much configured all the same way. The logic board have 2 IDE connectors, and one 50 pin SCSI connector. In the desktop, the first IDE connector is for the HDD that is installed close to the logic board as you can see in the picture above, the second is for the IDE CD-ROM drive, and the SCSI port is used for the Zip drive. The ZIP is not IDE in these models, but SCSI. So I do not believe the ZIP could interfere with the remaining of the IDE chain. There is a loose 50 pin SCSI connector available above the ZIP to connect a hard drive there I guess. When
  2. This is a ROM Rev. A with the number above that I can see on the machine. That explain why I could not configure a second slave drive in my previous tests. Thank you
  3. Don't worry about that, nothing to be afraid of. The logic board that did this damage was trashed and a new logic board was installed in its place. This damage was not caused by the current logic board. But thanks for the warning.
  4. Another strange fact about this G3 is the sound. At first I was thinking the speaker was dead or disconnected, but when I go in the Sound Preferences, the main volume slider is at the lower level possible. When I try to change it, it goes back to level 0 and blink the menu bar. Very strange. System Profiler shows Audio as an installed option. Any idea what can cause that??
  5. What do I see the ROM model?? In my many tests I tried to connect two HDD on a same bus, but could not succeed. Maybe it is the older ROM, just guessing.
  6. I tested with 3 drives, one Quantum 1.6Gb, one Seagate 60 Gb (partitioned to have less than 8 Gb on the boot partition) and a Fitjitsu 13Gb (partitioned too). All do the same. I must say I do not have any jumpers set on the Quantum and the Futjitsu. The Segate is set as master. I will look at the Quantum specs to find the jumpers settings and retest.
  7. There was no battery as mention before, but to help the matter, I installed one and the issue remains. That said, thank you for the link to hardware test. I could not successfully boot on the burned CD, so I booted from the 9.1 installation mon the HDD and used the CD to launch the hardware test and the memory test. The first worked fine and detected no hardware issue with the HDD and other media. I let the RAM test loop for more than 12 hours, and it stop after 27 loops without any error as well. That was the base test, not the extra-super-long one, but I guess it could prove some
  8. I swapped the RAM, change it from slot to slot, but nothing is really helping in the end. Booting from SCSI was one of my next step. One friend will bring me a SCSI HDD, as I do not have a working one with enough capacity to make that test. But I am seriously thinking the IDE controller may be to blame.
  9. is there any hardware diagnostic that we can run on this machine to help detect some hardware issues?
  10. I also tried to clear out the PRM before posting, no help. And I have no PRAM battery installed, I do not want them to leak on the board, and the tower do not have a battery either, and a drive formatted and installed with 9.2 in the tower that sucessfully boots, then moved to the desktop won't boot there. I found recently this article, that is related to OS X 10.2, but is giving some hints using the open firmware to reset the NVRAM did not help either. https://lowendmac.com/2012/how-to-recover-from-a-beige-g3-startup-error/
  11. In 9.2.x, with or without the SHIFT key to disable extensions, it will crash when booting. I did initialized the drive with Drive Setup and updated the driver as well before posting here.
  12. Hi all, It's been a while for me here, but still active in my man cave! Recently I got my hands on a tower beige G3, and wanted to give back my desktop beige G3 to a good house. I made sure the tower worked fine for me, and then got my hands dirty on the desktop to prepare it for resale. So far, it is giving me lots of problem, and I cannot figure out why. I tried installing Mac OS 9.2.2, but this one refuses to boot. In the startup sequence, when it try begin loading the extensions, the system cash with a dialog box on screen that do not even get far enoug
  13. I imagine it is the same boot disk for Apple II+ or IIe with the Titan card installed, is that right?
  14. ah, I'll test it eventually then. I have only one of the two board of the Titan Upgrade and a friend that investigated problem on my III thing it could cause some issues, we're not 100% sure yet. I will order a video ROM to place into the III motherboard and test it without the IIe card installed. I always had the impression it was required to have the Titan expansion card to support Apple II (any model) emulation. It probably also mean that the IIe expansion board I was released late in the Apple III timeline to support the IIe when it was announced. Thank you for the information. I'
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