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  1. I imagine it is the same boot disk for Apple II+ or IIe with the Titan card installed, is that right?
  2. ah, I'll test it eventually then. I have only one of the two board of the Titan Upgrade and a friend that investigated problem on my III thing it could cause some issues, we're not 100% sure yet. I will order a video ROM to place into the III motherboard and test it without the IIe card installed. I always had the impression it was required to have the Titan expansion card to support Apple II (any model) emulation. It probably also mean that the IIe expansion board I was released late in the Apple III timeline to support the IIe when it was announced. Thank you for the information. I'
  3. Really? what is that then: http://apple3.org/Documents/Manuals/Titan%20III%20Plus%20IIe%20Users%20Guide.pdf I have this setup, except I'm missing one of the board.
  4. Could be missing memory, maybe, look at the memory board and post a picture of it. I could also be bad CAPS that needs to be replaced on the mother board. The IIe board is a separate beast. Do you have two boards for the IIe emulation or only one?
  5. further look into that manual, and no reference to any possible PC card compatibility.
  6. You got it, now that I knew what to look for, I found an Apple support document here: http://www.applesolutions.com/Other/Performa_6200_6300.pdf That shows exactly that. Look into page 17 for an diagram of the tuner installed, and page 18 for a description of the empty panel. On page 21, I can also see what are the usages of all empty slots on the MB!
  7. I also have a PCI card that (I think) I removed from a G4 tower. I placed it in my Performa 6360, but I'm not sure how to see if it was detected or not. Is there some kind of System Profiler application in Mac OS 9.1? Thank you
  8. Hi there, I have a Performa 6360 perfectly working. I opened the case for some cleaning and different tests. Each time I open it I'm face to face with this little connector that goes into en empty spot on the back of the case with a trap door on the back panel where some ports could possibly get out of the case. I've never really investigate what it is and what it should do, but each time I looked on the Internet, I never found anything that can satisfy my curiosity. Maybe one of you knows what it is and what it can be used with. Can you help me? Look at the uploaded picture for mo
  9. Obviously, on the Beige G3, the controller should be 8 bits. So if I do understand you well, that means I should not need to worry at all about the termination on the other side. Is that right? I was thinking about it, and told myself, if I install any 50 pins SCSI HDD, I never had to worry about this.
  10. Does that one provides the termination as well?
  11. Oh, another fact, I have a PCI Adaptec SCSI card that came with that Beige when I got it (AHA-2940W/2940UW) but it does not look like the beige can boot from it. When I booted with Mac OS 8.5, it was not even detected, no disks mounted.
  12. I'm all trying to figure out how to connect all of this links together! The HDD have female connectors. The adaptor you provided Uniserver, I thing it has female on one side and male on the other, is that correct? Does it has a SCSI termination included or not? that black portion on the top of the adaptor looks like it is for something useful, but I cannot guess what. Or it is the reverse side of the male port on the other side only. I have a 68 pins SCSI terminator on the enclosure, I wonder if that could be used on the male connector on the adaptor itself.
  13. Is it something possible to do? I have a few large HDD in an enclosure that should in theory work, but they have the wrong type of SCSI connector on them. If I could find a adapter that could bring them usable in my G3 Beige, that would be great. Thank you
  14. I meant, I should buy one of the SCSI adaptor for SD cards... is it still available? the links on the first page points to terminated auctions...
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