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  1. uniserver was banned. you can reach him through his website http://maccaps.com
  2. I downloaded USB Overdrive but couldn't get it to work. Then I found MouseWare which is actually from Logitech. It was a PITA to download, but I finally got it, and all is well in the universe. Thanks.
  3. I just got a PowerMac G4 (Yikes!) yesterday and I've been busy setting it up with Mac OS 8.6. The problem I'm having is that my Logitech mouse isn't being used to its full potential. The right click functions the same as the left click and the scroll wheel doesn't work at all. I remember years ago I was using a Logitech mouse with an original iMac and everything worked as expected. I think I had to download some software from the Internet for it to work though. Today I can't find that software and I'm getting really frustrated. Does anyone have the software I'm looking for? I've s
  4. You're giving bad information, Elfen. A 68k mac cannot boot from an HFS+ partition. So the partition (or disk) that contains his System folder is an HFS file system drive. There is no need to reformat the drive to install System 7.5.x...
  5. 68K macs can't boot from an hfs+ formatted drive. So the OP's mac is not formatted hfs+.
  6. A couple of quick questions: 1) Why is this in the "Compact Mac" section and not the LC section? 2) Why mention CompuNerd if you're not blaming him for anything? Other than that I don't know how to fix your LC. Good luck with it.
  7. I don't think you can install 9.1 to your 638CD. If I'm not mistaken, and I'm fairly sure that I'm not, 9.1 requires a PPC and your 638CD is a 68k Mac. Try System 7.5.5 on your Mac. It's easy to find and it's free. Maybe somebody here could burn you a bootable CD from which you can install 7.5.
  8. I had an A/UX 3.0.1 install on my Quadra 700 for all of about two weeks; my hard drive died. A/UX is fun to play with but it sucks for doing anything productive. At any rate, enjoy!
  9. I remember the bouncing ball demo on the Amiga and Atari 8-bit but I've never seen it on the Mac. So I'm now looking for this demo as well.
  10. A Classic II was the first Mac I ever owned. I miss it dearly.
  11. Nice! Looks like the start of the Mac demo scene.
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