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  1. Thanks for the reply. Aside from a 2100<>localtalk cable there's also a 2100<>RS232 cable right? I don't have any mac at the moment (unless there would be interface software for the Apple IIgs) so the cable would have to be for PC and I'd probably chop off the end and USB-ify it. Good to know I got such a good deal, maybe I'll pick up the rest and try to get them into the hands of folks here or such who would appreciate them. The place is quite far, but now that I'll go back for the rest of the MessagePads I'll check there to see if they have any of the cables lying around (an
  2. I recently got a Newton 2100 and love it. The screen size, battery life, backlight, and handwriting recognition are all amazing. The only problem is that I seem to be facing a bootstrapping dilemma in getting data on/off it. There are so many ways it can communicate, but as I don't have the original serial cable, it seems I'm out of luck in installing drivers for added communication. I've tried searching around online but the amount of dead links I come across leads me to believe that I may be missing part of the story. Is there any way short of purchasing a proprietary cable for this thin
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