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  1. Thanks for the drivers, I was able to get my Crescendo L2 300MHz L2 card working on my PowerMac 6400 with MacOS 9.1. The disk that came with it did not work (must be for older OS), but I will post it on here if anyone wants it. 1.4.2 Crescendo Installer 1.4.2.sea
  2. Which crystal? The small one?
  3. Looking for a working board. Preferably recapped.
  4. This is the way I do it! But I don't even bother dismantling the units! I have even done keyboards this way. Be careful not to have too much on the brush so it doesn't leak inside the case or keys. Just a light think film is sufficient. Works great! Make sure to wipe it down after with some clean soapy water and a lint free cloth.
  5. The CC fans do not come on when power switch is turned on with Logic board in. You need to push the soft switch.
  6. I got a older Powerbook 1400c for this sole purpose. So I can copy older Mac games to 800k disks. The nice thing is I can even go online with it and download the games from Macintosh Garden directly. But it also has a CD-ROM on it too. And it's built in disk drive can handle 800k and 1.44MB disks no problem! If you need someone to make a copy on 800k disk I can help.
  7. Looks like you did a good job. You can practice on old PC boards.
  8. Found it, it is a Diode. M5C Orderd from Mouser!
  9. Why would there be 3 solder points though? There are multiple of these types on the board. But they are not all the same value chip.
  10. I have the same issue and found out I have a burned transistor at DD1. Take out the Analog board and inspect it. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54678-burned-transistor-on-cc-analog-board/
  11. I have a burned transistor on my CC Analog Board! It happened after using a Logic board that was recapped. The system booted up with no sound and I started to smell something burning. The smell got stronger and stronger and I turned it off. Inspected the Logic board and it looked ok. But would still get a burning smell. Took the Analog board apart to inspect and I see DD1 is toast. I stupidly tried this Logic board an another CC and it started to do the same thing! Now these two do not have any sound on the internal speaker. I need to replace this transistor to get these
  12. Not odd at all if you have dirty disks that gummed up all 3 drives!
  13. Very common issue on the SE/30. Recap the board. If you are lucky everything will work. I have 3 SE/30's. 1 was dead like yours, 1 worked with no sound and the 3rd was working. I recapped all 3 and got two to work 100% and the one with no sound stil has no sound. All had lots of leakage and smelled of fish when I removed the caps! Looks like corroded traces around the sound chip from those leaked caps which is very common.
  14. It's not the wood, the rubber stops are 30 years old and decaying and they get gooey. Happened on my Atari computers too. PITA to remove!
  15. Removed Analog board to inspect. Made a video...
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