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  1. Thanks for checking, but this isn't what I'm looking for. The link you provided points to the retail version of Panther, which doesn't include the software, games and apps included on the discs that actually came with the iMac G4 itself.
  2. Thanks anyway. Maybe someone else has 'em? I really wanna play Tony Hawk lol
  3. I should have mentioned that I have the 2003 1.25 GHz model. I doubt it'll be the same (my discs are Panther), but it's definitely worth checking. Thanks!
  4. Hey! In my set of iMac G4 restore media, disc 3 is scratched and unreadable. I was wondering if anyone has this disc, and if so, would you be able to make an image of it for me? The disc is gray and titled "iMac Software Install and Restore 3," CD Version 1.0, and the part number reads 2Z691-4708-A. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I wouldn't doubt it...maybe it was a lower-end option for people who didn't want or need a crazy graphics card.
  6. My first B&W off eBay (pretty sure it was a 300MHz) came with this same card
  7. I found one of those at a tag sale for $0.25 years ago (felt awesome handing over the quarter for the bag, lol). In the main compartment, it can fit a PowerBook 165 and a GCC WriteMove II -perfectly-. Its AC brick fits very nicely in one of the side containers. I later learned it was for a Apple IIc, and wanted one ever since I found that out. By the time I actually got the IIc, though, the case was long gone. I don't remember what I did with it.
  8. Nice score! Finding little gadgets like that cheaply is always fun, especially things like those Netgear powerline modules. I've always found the idea interesting and have wanted to try using them, but they've usually been too expensive to buy. Although my local Goodwill has long since stopped selling computers, I still come across some nice things every now and then. Last month, I got a Netgear ProSafe FM144P; it's a 10/100 router/access point with a parallel port for printer sharing. It's not really something I needed, but for $5, I had to bite
  9. Nice score; the iMac G4 is one of my favorite designs from Apple. My (well, my family's) iMac G4 is probably full of dust by now; the fan always runs really loud. At some point I'm probably gonna crack it open and clean it out, probably followed by a reinstall of OS X; the copy of Tiger on it now was upgraded from the original Panther install from 2004.
  10. http://i38.tinypic.com/2jbv9c8.jpg 11,000 topics, 1,104 members, 115,043 posts...11 users online when the screenshot was taken...
  11. Well, it -was- a year and a half ago. Soooooooooooo...
  12. Oh...oops, that's what I meant to write. My thoughts must have been corrupted en route from brain to keyboard. I'll pay more attention to what I write next time.
  13. I just noticed this today: Clicking on it, it appears to show new posts in the lounge only. I was just curious as to why is it striked out?
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