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  1. I have cleaned the Stylewriter but now the PowerBook 1400c OS8.5 will not recognize the printer as I get a 'port in use by another application' alert So I got out my Stylewriter 2400 and that connected OK (though cannot print for another reason). What causes the 'port in use by another application' alert? Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have a simple question: is the Stylewriter 2400 orange light indicating a specific problem? I have added a new ink cartridge, cleaned with alcohol, the PowerBook 1400c connects BUT cannot print due to the orange light. What could be the error? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. The keyboard is quite sensitive: sometimes the keys work, other times they do not. I can live with it as they now 'mostly' work after a few minutes.
  4. Yes... that worked. I restarted the Powerbook too.
  5. I have a PowerBook G3 Lombard. I replaced the Japanese keyboard with a US keyboard. Unfortunately, on the US keyboard the keys 3 - E - D - C are not functioning. The Japanese keyboard is fine. The US keyboard appears to be physically fine - clean, keys are responsive, no kinks on the connector. Any idea why these particular keys do not work? Thank you.
  6. Hello. I am really enjoying my newly acquired PowerBook 1400c. However, each time I unplug the power, its time resets to early 20th century :-( Searching the Forums this appears to be due a dead internal battery. Is this assumption true and, if so, can the battery be replaced? Thank you ... and stay safe :-)
  7. Yes, I am in Hokkaido; trying to avoid people due to this virus :-( I will seek out these items.
  8. Thank you. I left my Newton in my university office and now they have gone and locked me out for a week I will attempt this again later. I will update this thread.
  9. Thank you very much for the detailed information. Let's see what I can find. I have an Orinoco card for my Pismo somewhere, but the Ethernet PCMCIA card seems the simplest option. I will update this thread.
  10. Hello. I have a basic question. I wish to connect my PowerBook 1400c / OS8.5 to my Newton 2 via Newton Connection Utilities 2.0. The obstacle is how to de-select my Stylewriter II printer in the Chooser so that I stop getting the message 'serial port in use' when trying to connect the Newton (via a serial cable and Newton adapter). Does that make sense? Thank you.
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