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  1. Sorry, but why bother with 50 pin drives at all? Where I am located (S.F. Bay) I can buy large, server grade (10k or 15k rpm) SCSI drives for peanuts and get a 80->50 or 68->50 pin adapter on ebay for a couple of bucks.
  2. I feel like I've stumbled in on the middle of conversation. What, exactly, is going on here? What is in this IIsi?
  3. tlc630

    Reset eMate 300

    I've noticed the same behavior. Works is definitely there; it just doesn't show up at first. Try playing around with the display options of the Extra drawer. Display all icons, unfiled icons, or switch to overview. I think Works will show up eventually...until the next reset. Tom
  4. tlc630

    Nice 520c

    Made it to the local flea market this weekend and found a Powerbook 520c with power supply and HDI30 SCSI adapter. Seller had no idea if it worked or not. Powerbook cleaned up nicely with some elbow grease and Simple Green. Works great. 12MB RAM with a 240MB HD. Power supply is flakey, maybe dying. Cost? $2.50 total. Looks very nice sitting next to my 540c
  5. There is a 'Save Options' item under the 'Options menu that must be selected for the changes to 'stick'. Also don't forget to install 'Netscape defrost' and if you have the memory, create a ram disk and put Netscapes cache on it. I always use 2.02 on my classic Macs; it flies!
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