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  1. Or make sure you boil it first, anyway. Hi
  2. Yeah, doesn't matter what's inside - you could just consider them a stuffed trophy, like a moose's head !
  3. Woah, dooooood, that is like SOOO not gnarly. Totally fascist censorship there dooood. We have a right to say anything we want on the internet and you're like oppressing us dooood. I mean what do you think the internet is, ordered civilisation? Next you'll be trying to censor the graffiti on the walls of the bog in the library, man. Just to put it in perspective: http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5677/planetshp6.jpg
  4. I hope the logic board doesn't go kaboom like they usually do on those things. May the force be with you.
  5. Yeah, AudioVision 14 - that's it. What's it do?
  6. Is that the same monitor that had the port at the side with a video camera icon next to it? What does that do? (Looks like an s-video port.)
  7. I just think they must cripple the Minis somehow. I expected it to run like OS9 on my G4, but it just feels slow. Programmes take a while to open and there's a delay before windows appear. Not complaining mind you; it's good enough.
  8. I never knew they made Rhapsody for Intel. What was the porpoise of that?
  9. Blimey, what a memory. Didn't realise it made so much difference.
  10. Really? They must cripple the Minis then because I've never been happy with the speed of mine. About as slow as Lucille Ball in a physics lab.
  11. *Bitch slaps iMac600* BAD! Oh come on, no-one could enjoy that. It's like being given a Rolls Royce and using it for drag races.
  12. Ah, but can it do this... http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/4199/picture1za7.png Now that's just sick. Cut that out. I could never do that. I'd feel like I'd raped my computer.
  13. Oh come on, that's no act of bravery. That's just putting it out of its misery !
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