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    366mhz ibook

    Picked up an "as is for parts" ibook. It had some moisture stains between the plastic and metal shielding on both top and bottom of the base. Condensation or actual water had been inside the base unit. There is no green light when you push the power button on and the battery is totally dead, but it does boot with chimes.. I added ram, but it did not see it. I cleaned the ram slot with alcohol. That helped. I put a fresh install of O.S.9.2. I added an airport card. So it seems to be running fine now. 192mb of ram,and a 6gb harddrive.
  2. Added a few things to my Mac pile. I picked up a 333mhz Bondi Blue tray loader. I will use it to upgrade my other 266mhz tray loader. I was surprized when I booted it up and it had a 40gb hardrive! 160mb of ram. Key board and matching mouse. It even had the multi coloured plug in cable. I picked up a bunch of Mac books. Macintosh Bible 4th Ed., My Imac, my Ibook, Wi-Fi, The Imac Book(hardcover) and a few others. Lots of vintage rainy day reading!! Last item I picked up was a new in box(sealed) Macintosh Powerbook Video Cable, the box is dated 1992! I was thinking I would put an ada
  3. Thats a great pile of Mac stuff you picked up. Welcome to the group!!
  4. You have to keep in mind that the max ram in the Classic ll is 10mb! No way to raise the physical ram on this model. So Ram Doubler works well on this model and most of the early compact macs. The exception being the SE/30. But even that model will benefit from Ram Doubler if it is running System 6 and limited to 8mb of ram. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken on this.
  5. 30pin

    Classic II

    Nice find. The last of the black and white Compact Macs. The 1.44mb floppy is handy.
  6. 30pin

    Powerbook 100

    The keybards are slightly raised above the palm rest. The keyboard on the PB100 is great! I have four Duo's and not one of them is usable, the keyboards used in the early Duo's spoil a great little package. The PB100 does not suffer from this problem, making it much more usable. The old batteries are a problem. I use my ac adapter at home and in the car too, making it almost mobile!!
  7. I am posting this from my salvaged 2005 Emac. I finally got it to install a fresh O.S.10.4. It runs quiet and fast!! But the sound does not get very loud. So I think there will be a problem with the logic board at some point in time. But for now, I will enjoy the speed!!!!!!
  8. I was playing around with the Emac that did boot and the video came on. It boots to the loading screen and stays there. The apple screen with the spinning pinwheel. Left it running for 1/2 an hour but no change? I took the other one apart, there is white stuff all around the base of the capacitors(?) on the logic board. The hardrive is a 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda. I plugged it into my Performa 6340 but it would not show up on the formatting program? Is this hardrive to new to work in the earlier powermacs?
  9. I came across a pile of emacs. They had been tossed off a truck, I picked up a couple of them as I dumped my stuff off. They are 2005 models with 1.42ghz cpu's. . THey are complete. One booted but no video, the other does nothing. The sticker on the cd door says they have 80gb hardrives. From what I have read, they are not overly good units. I am thinking I am going to strip out the ram, harddrive and combo drive to put in some of my older macs.. Then recycle the rest. Is there anything else that might be worth saving on these units??
  10. 30pin

    PowerBook 100

    I am going to try a different hardrive. The one out of the Duo seems to have problems. The PB100 had an extra ram chip in it. It turned out to be 6mb!!! So this PB100 is maxed out with a total of 8mb!!! It should fly with O.S.7.0.1 !!
  11. 30pin

    PowerBook 100

    I just received my PB100. It came with a power adapter and floppy drive. It has 20mb harddrive. The screen has a couple of lines on it. It boots to a flashing disk. I tried to load in an O.S., but there was no hardrive showing. I took it apart and put in a 240mb hardrive out of a Duo. It boots to a happy Mac and then reboots over and over again? Something to get sorted out. I was happy to see the floppy drive and ac adapter work fine. The overall condition is very good. It is my earliest powerbook!!
  12. I just checked my Classic II, the floppy still works! But I won't do that again. I have a LCII that may be safer to set up!!! Thanks for the warning.
  13. I wanted to check some 5.25" floppies. I found a 5.25"Apple drive model #A9M0107. I plugged it into the back of my Classic II running O.S. 7.0. The floppy drive kept cycling and I kept getting a small screen with this" floppy is unreadable". The drive is open with no floppy in it. I tried a few times but no difference. I am thinking the floppy drive is faulty. I have never used an external 5.25 drive before. Are there any tips for checking or setting the drive? It seems to think it always has an unreadable disk in it, opened or closed. The open and close lever works fine. Anyone f
  14. I was at a yard sale and they had a free pile! I picked up A Quadra 605, apple design speakers(1993), 14" apple monitor, a cyrix 686 cpu sealed in original pakage and a USB PCI card sealed in box!!! Once home I fired up the Quadra 605. It had O.S. 7.1 a 160mb hard drive and 20mb of ram. I am hoping the USB card will go into my 6500. That free pile really made my day!!
  15. 30pin

    Newton 120

    I paid $5.00 for it.
  16. 30pin

    Newton 120

    Picked this one up today at a yard sale. A Newton Message Pad 120. It is in very good shape. It has the Newton fax modem card in it. The Newton Print Pack Cable and lots of original paperwork came with it too. The Apple MessagePad handbook is nice to have. The Newton Solutions Guide has lots of stuff listed for the Newton I have never seen. I will be searching ebay for some of these items. The wireless cards for them look interesting. I will have to get a Keyboard too!!
  17. Might be awhile till I can watch dvd's but I will tinker with this powerbook . It is easy to take apart. I like the keyboard and the way the apple logo glows when the unit is running. Thanks for the information on the decoder card.
  18. The Lombard is running O.S.9.2.2. I can put a music cd in and it plays. But when a dvd movie goes in I get the no hardware warning. I was hoping to be able to download a decoder, instead of searching for the dvd pcma card on ebay. Is 192mb enough ram to have the dvd play well??
  19. I just received this powerbook. Bought it as is for parts. I plugged it in with the adapter from another model that fit. I tried it after a couple of hours, and it booted right up! It is a Lombard 333mhz, 192mb of ram, 6gb harddrive. The battery charged up too!! But instead of a cd rom it has the dvd in it. I think the DVD is from a Pismo, the dvd is marked made in 2000 while the powerbook is marked 1999. When I tried to use the dvd, I get a no hardware installed warning. I know that dvd was an option for the 333mhz model. So what do I need to do to get this dvd working in th
  20. 30pin


    Just picked up the PB150 off of freecycle this morning. Works great! 8mb of ram, 120mb harddrive, with O.S.7.6 . The whole unit is in very nice shape. It came in an Apple laptop bag. Which might be why it is in such good shape. I want to up the ram(out of a duo) and swap in either a 2gb hardrive or a CF card and use O.S.7.1.1 . The key board works very well and is nice to use. It looks good sitting with my PB180!
  21. 30pin

    Powerbook 520

    You can carefully drill the screw head off. Then you can open up the 520 and change things. Whats left of the screw thread you should be able to grab it and screw it out with a small pair of pliers or small vise-grip.
  22. 30pin

    Palm III & cradle

    I like the Palm lllc screen. But it is not very readable in sunlight and under some indoor lights. But it lasts me a month between charges. Mostly notes and phone numbers. I have the folding keyboard, that is a delight to use. I have tried a few of them, but this one just keeps on going. There are lots of free programs available for older palms for the time it takes to download them.
  23. 30pin


    I have a couple of PB165's in my parts box. They were stripped for some reason or another. I think both screens were ok. Both have there keyboards and roller balls, but not much else. If they would of use to you, PM me with your mailing address.
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