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  1. I now have a little collection of tray loaders! The Strawberry(pink) Imac is working well, I bumped the ram to 256mb, I use it on the net for a few days and then hitch up the Lime Imac for a few days and then swap in the Grape Imac. All of them are 333mhz models with 256mb of ram. They seem to be as fast as my Bondi Blue 350mhz Imac? Even though it has more ram and a 100mhz bus. I have the room to keep them all. If I had to choose just one to keep it would be tough!!
  2. The Classic II is a great little unit. Very sleek looking for a basic box. Very usable for a lot of writing jobs. Adding a newer harddrive will speed things along. When you do open it up, vacuming the air intake screen helps keep things cool. I have seen the screens 90% plugged with lint and fur!! There are lots of vintage games available. Loads of information on repairs and mods too!
  3. 30pin

    Dead Pismo!

    You were right! I unplugged the pram battery and it booted right up!! It has 256mb of ram and is 500mhz!! The harddrive I put in is 20gb with O.S.9.2. I will get a new pram battery off ebay along with more ram and then I would like to install O.S.10.? Thanks for the helpful post!
  4. 30pin

    Dead Pismo!

    Just picked up a very nice looking pismo. The first one I have had! No hardrive. Plugged it in. Nothing. Checked and reset the ram, added a hardrive. Checked all the cables under the keyboard. Left it plugged in for a couple of hours. Tried again. Nothing. Checked the battery and it shows one green light. So power is going through. I tried pushing the little reset button on the back of the pismo, no change,still dead. I would really like to get this one going!!! What am I missing??
  5. Dropped into a yardsale and spotted a sad looking Strawberry Imac sitting with a bunch of monitors. I asked the lady how much for the Imac. The price was the same for all of them, $5.00. Sitting on top of the Imac was a matching keyboard and two matching mice!! Once home I cleaned off the coating of dust,grime, stickers and their residue. Plugging it in it booting right up and I was surprised to see it was running O.S. 10.2. It is a tray loading 333mhz model with a 6gb hardrive and 160mb of ram. I was really pleased at how it looked after being cleaned up. It is an unusual colour.
  6. Always nice to have some reference books when you get into the vintage Macs. Lots of information when these machines were the best there was. Good find!!
  7. Maby you could try the going with the ide adapter route with a compact flash card. I used one in my PB1400, the PB150 uses the same type of drive. Totally quiet and uses less power. It would be faster than any of the old harddrives. Might be an option .
  8. 30pin

    Two Imac's

    Two Imacs in one weekend! First one is a 333mhz tray loader. Grape in colour! O.S. 9.2 with a 6gb harddrive and 160mb of ram. Works fine. I may use it to fix up another grape Imac I have that is missing some of its plastics. The second Imac is 500mhz slot loader, white in colour. It had no ram and a dead 30gb hardrive. I put in 256mb of ram and an 80gb hardrive from a dead emac it, then loaded in O.S. 9.2. It runs well. Both were headed for the trash. I might get more ram for the slot loader and try O.S.10 on it.
  9. With a 200mb hardrive you have lots of room for vintage programs. Also that would be a newer hardrive than the original and would make the SE feel faster. Since you have a few of them you can link them together and try some networking too!!
  10. I was able to get the video working on the 6100. Just did the quick on and off of the power switch. It booted up fine. It is running O.S. 7.5.5 with a total of 16mb of ram. There is also a 16mb strip of ram on the DOS card. The floppy drive works fine. This one does not have a cd drive. But I may add one as the cable is there . I will do some reading so I know how to get the Windows partion on the harddrive to show. The unit cleaned up well, just a little yellowing on one corner of the case. An interesting vintage PowerMac.
  11. I have the cable that goes to the odd video port on the 6100 then to a regular early Mac monitor plug in. But I was using another adapter on the cable to use a LCD monitor. I will dig out a Mac crt monitor and try again. I will get another pram battery too. There is a plug in on the DOS card that has three rows of pins on it. I have nothing to fit that one. I will unplug the DOS card and see if the video will work that way. All the slots on the motherboard are full. I want to get it going, so I can see what the specs. are. Hopefully get back to it tonight or tomorrow morning.
  12. Just saved this PowerMac from going to the dump. Turns out to be a 6100/66 DOS Compatible. I have never actual seen one of these before. I cleaned off the snow and dried it off. Lots of snow and ice here! I plugged it in, it chimed nicely, but no video output. It has a 500mb SCSI harddrive. The DOS card has a 486 DX2 cpu on it. The harddrive runs quietly. Not really sure what I will do with this unit, but I will try and get it going.
  13. You could use an external floppy drive and share it between the two classics as needed. Any hardrive that you put into the classic will be faster than the original one. Nice job of cleaning it up and getting it going!
  14. A newer hardrive will make a big difference in how fast your computer will feel. It needs a 50 pin scsi drive. I used to get these drives out of scrapped PowerMacs (250-500mb) and put the drives into my collection of Compact Macs. Works fine. I have a Performa 520 that I have upped the ram and replaced the drive in too. It is Running O.S. 7.5.3. I found a bunch of 1gb hardrives in an old IBM server. So far I have not had any luck getting these to work in my 520. The cd drive in the 520 has the removable tray, I think your 550 is like the 575. These drives are available with a number of
  15. Just picked this up off of FreeCycle. The Apple Multiscan 15"av Display is very crisp. The speakers work well. The 7300/180 has O.S.7.5.5 installed. A 1.9gb hardrive and 32mb of ram. Floppy and cd drives are good. It came with the manuals for the display and computer. It is completely original. I plan to add a pile of ram and a newer hardrive. Not sure what I will be using it for just yet.
  16. How much ram are you running with the Presto Plus? My Mystic has a tall 128mb ram strip in it. It is a bit awkward as you have to unclip the ram strip before the tray will slide out.
  17. How much ram are you running with the Presto Plus? My Mystic has a tall 128mb ram strip in it. It is a bit awkward as you have to unclip the ram strip before the tray will slide out.
  18. How much ram are you running with the Presto Plus? My Mystic has a tall 128mb ram strip in it. It is a bit awkward as you have to unclip the ram strip before the tray will slide out.
  19. How much ram are you running with the Presto Plus? My Mystic has a tall 128mb ram strip in it. It is a bit awkward as you have to unclip the ram strip before the tray will slide out.
  20. 30pin


    This is the first LC520 I have come across. It is completely stock. It has a 80mb hardrive, 8mb of ram, O.S.7.1. It has a CD drive that uses the removable tray to put the CD in. It was privately owned and not from a school. The condition is very good. And everything works well on it. I was thinking the motherboard would fit into a Colour Classic. But I may just keep it together and do a ram and hardrive upgrade. It is a 25mhz 030 cpu. It has a place for the optional 68882 fpu, so I will have to look for one.
  21. Good find! Nice to have DVD too!!
  22. I ordered one too! Great deal.
  23. I picked up the third edition of the "Little Mac Book". Nice reference book for O.S. 7.1.
  24. 30pin

    366mhz ibook

    The ibook did not come with one. I used one from another powerbook. It is nice when some of the parts will interchange!
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