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  1. The only machines I have right now are running 7.5.3 and 9.1, so I’ll probably hold off on trying to use the disk until I can go get my 512K.
  2. I was going through a box of old floppies after getting a floppy drive for my Kanga and in it was this old 1984 copyright Macintosh System Disk which I believe was from a family member’s old 128 or 512K. I didn’t want to try to read it in the Kanga since I’ve heard of newer drives causing issues for 400K disks. It’s a cool find, maybe I’ll give it to someone with a machine that can use it.
  3. How far does yours get on the welcome screen, and will it boot with extensions off? Mine seems to crash on the actual loading screen itself from time to time, though it boots properly after hitting command-control-power to force a restart. I think I’ve traced it to a software problem with some of the extensions on the machine since it doesn’t ever crash on boot with extensions off.
  4. The biggest killer of these machines seems to be plastics and PRAM batteries. I have two Kangas that both suffered leaks from the PRAM batteries. I cleaned both boards and was able to save one, though the other just makes a click noise and displays the green sleep light. I’ve got replacement hinges for one with weak hinges but I’m afraid to open it up with the notoriously brittle plastics. Even the one that works doesn’t always boot. Sometimes it hangs on the welcome screen with no rhyme or reason. But let’s be honest - Kanga was a rush job to get a G3 portable out the door. I like it because
  5. Darn. Guess I’ll need to find either a complete assembly or a dead 190 or 190cs to take the screen off of.
  6. As a side topic, what keyboard do I have in my machine? The "enter" key doesn't look like the normal one on a US keyboard. This machine was a recycling find at my high school, so I don't know much of its history.
  7. My 190 is in good shape and boots perfectly, but has a few problems. One is a main battery that cracked and leaked. The machine will likely never run on battery power again, but that's not a big issue. The big issue now is that it's fallen victim to "SpindlerPlastic" syndrome and the plastic on the lower right side of the screen is separating badly. From what I understand gluing it back together isn't a workable option, so at this point I'm trying to source replacement plastics for the machine. I've found plastics from a 190cs, but I'm not sure about the screen size. Did the cs model have a bi
  8. My working Kanga unfortunately has loose hinges - the screen stays up fine but it wobbles and any pressure can send it slamming shut. The plastics are all good (save the usual missing port doors) so I think the hinges/clutches themselves may be worn out. I’ve sourced a set of NOS replacement clutches, but I’m not sure how to tackle the replacement. I’ve got the service manual but I’m hoping someone who has actually done it can give me some tips on how to do it. Any advice is much appreciated.
  9. I haven’t really heard of capacitor problems on PowerBook G3s of any type. Does it have a failed PRAM battery? Machines of that age tend to have leaky PRAM batteries and I’ve pulled them out of every machine of that vintage that I own.
  10. That’s a great idea. I have Spelunx both on Steam for modern PCs and the original install disks for the black and white HyperCard version somewhere. The documentation definitely suggested more rooms were planned, and the game itself includes more tunnels that dead end where more rooms would be expected. Sadly the Steam version doesn’t have the map editor.
  11. One of my Kangas has a screen latch that seems to be broken. When you slide the latch it doesn’t spring back into the closed position. Do the springs on these things break? I’m assuming I have to disassemble the top cover to get to it.
  12. This is exactly what one of my Kangas is doing. I’ll let you know if I find a way to make mine boot and hopefully it will help yours too.
  13. A company called Wegener Media used to make replacements, but I don’t know if they still do. I’ve removed the PRAM battery completely from my working Kanga, and I’m fortunate enough to have a main battery that holds a charge which as the previous poster said will store PRAM settings. I’d look for a new main battery over a PRAM battery.
  14. Had a similar problem on a Kanga. Ordered a new keyboard, installed it, and have had no problems since. As others mentioned, the traces on the keyboards go bad sometimes.
  15. I reassembled my “parts” Kanga this weekend. Plugged it in, hit the power key, nothing. Pressed the reset button on the back and heard a “click” sound from the speakers and the green sleep LED came on and stayed on. Tried holding down the reset button for 30 seconds, still nothing. I’ve opened it up to check all the connections and it looks okay internally. Any other suggestions on what I can try to get this thing to power up?
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