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  1. Is there ANY browser for 68k macs that can view deviantart in a usable state? I have friends on there, and i like to be able to check up on it. Why? i love birds. that's where all my favorite bird pics are. i really really want to do the retro computing challenge. however, i need the browser for what i said.
  2. I have 1 SCSI hard drive. just 1. i have 2 classic macs that use SCSI hard drives. the LC III+ and the Classic II. Which one deserves it?
  3. Hello everybody! i like old macs, and i like seeing what they can do. i believe that a 68000 can do much more than draw a bunch of lines on the screen.my favorite CPU though would be the 68040. it's fast. it gives any 68030 a run for it's money. I have 2 iMac G3s, a Power Macintosh G3, 2 Performa 630s, a LC III (that strangely reports 33 Mhz instead of 25), and a Classic II. the two iMacs have no hard disk and no ram, and the Classic II has no hard disk.
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