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  1. I'm curious - what's your source where they are a) available and b) not that expensive? I have about 4-5 Pismo batteries that I am nursing along, but they are all declining in charge, despite my best efforts. There used to be batteries on eBay for the older G3s, but those dried up about a year or two ago. Now I only see dead or untested ones. Sadly, even the cheap batteries for the icebooks seem to be gone now, but I am in better shape there, with many good Apple batteries and a few aftermarket ones.
  2. Hey, gang, it's been a while since I spec'd a new hard drive to work with a G3 Pismo. Remind me - does it have to be a PATA drive rather than SATA? I want to cheap out and get an inexpensive drive - there seem to be abundant 120gb SATA III drives out there for around $20, but not sure those will work. I know the OWC ones work but not going to pay THOSE prices. Thanks for any advice... There is this SATA drive for instance... SATA drive example
  3. Hay, all - I still use my g3 ibooks in rotation, while slow for web surfing generally, they work ok as a companion unit when I'm at work. I have been using tiny EDIMAX brand USB wifi dongles, as their software plays well with OS 10.4, unlike many others. (I have to have WPA2 level security even to get on the "visitor" network here at my office.) But the darn black plastic antenna covers keep breaking. They are very thin plastic and not durable at all. Of course, the antenna still works with the plastic broken or removed, but then this sharp little thing is sticking out of the side of the lapto
  4. Galgot, thanks for the article link, that does look very informative. I will read it and see what I can glean should I attempt. May try on one of the Pismos...
  5. Thanks for the replies...I thought I had it last night, I had xubuntu 12.04 .iso disk running through a full install sequence, took about four hours working on "expert" mode, but then when it was all done, it had apparently skipped loading a desktop, I was still back with a command line interface. Expert, hah. I said a few choice words at that point and re-installed Mac OS 9.2.2 and used Netscape to load Clasilla and the WannaBe browsers.I think I am going to shift my attention to setting up a guest/unsecured network on the home router so I can use the original Airport card in the machine when
  6. Wondering if anyone here has successfully installed a Ubuntu or Libuntu distro on an old iBook. I worked on this for hours yesterday, and I'm just hitting the wall. I have a Lubuntu 12.04 for PPC .iso disk, and it will run on the CD drive in the book. It does not offer me any install option though, just does what appears to be a boot and then stays at the command prompt. I tried to get a boot to work from a USB, but that's beyond me. I've read all of the various open firmware options and nothing seems to work. I think the CD is my best bet, but I don't know if something is wrong in the
  7. Hey, all - one of my G4 iBooks is showing its age. Wondered if this is indicative of a logic board failure - can anyone help me confirm? 1. Startup chime occurs 2. Screen does not light and no further boot 3. Last boot prior to above, booted into open firmware, then after mac-boot, started normal boot and got the greyed out "You must restart your computer" screen 4. I have used TDM and checked the drive and using DiskWarrior have checked the drive - I get an OK on its SMART status and have used DW to rebuild the directory on the drive 5. I switched out the additional RAM chip in the ma
  8. Didn't work, alas, on first try, with a little lens cleaner applied. I may give it one more go. It's frustrating that it pulls in the disk but then can't read it. On the plus side, one of my 800mhz iBooks mysteriously revived this week - it was having power management issues but those seem to be fixed for now, at least when it is plugged in to the charger. You win some and you lose some...
  9. One of my iBook G4's has a slot-loading drive that will load CDs and eject, but not mount the disk. Has anyone managed to fix that issue via either a software fix, cleaning the lens, etc? I'm prepared to live with it if I have to, as doing a full teardown seems like a real pain... It was working previously.
  10. Thanks, everyone! I played with it more this morning and finally found success with iTunes 10.6.3 running with QuickTime 7.6.4. I had tried downgrading to iTunes 9.1.1 but that did not work, as iTunes could not read the previous library file. I could not find 7.7 very easily but 7.6.4 does seem to work ok. What an odd thing that Apple set up with unbundling QT and iTunes from the basic 10.5 update path. Weird. Well, now I can replicate this solution across my three G4s. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hey, I need a point in the right direction - appreciate any help. I'm in software loop-hell. Just updated my iBook G4s from 10.4.11 to 10.5.8. Now I can't get iTunes to open on any of them. The application data says I have QuickTime Player 7.2.1 When I go to open iTunes, it won't lanuch and says I need QT 7.5.5 or greater. I can't find a 7.5.5 QT to download, just 7.6. But when I try to load 7.6, the load program says it is OLDER than what I have. I need a version of iTunes that runs the radio stations at least - iTunes 10.6.3 is what it says I have in application data.
  12. It's great that these are working out for folks. I have just enough working ones that I'm not ordering for now - I will probably regret that later, but I've just been too spendy of late. He's about the only option I've seen of late...and I've never heard of any "really great" battery receller service for these.
  13. Thanks, Mike. That will help me check parts, see what I can find for him. May be possible to do a full top/head swap, though, if I can find one with OK cosmetics.
  14. Anyone know the answer to this? I have a buyer looking for a Pismo inverter, would like to cannibalize one non-working Lombard for that, but I can't remember if that is the same part or not... Thanks for any help.
  15. That is definitely worth a shot. It took me a couple of ad cycles on CL before I found my buyer. It's a needle in a haystack thing, but the larger the market, the better. Good luck! I was happy that mine went to a good home, to an engineer who knew what he was buying and really wanted it.
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