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  1. Not sure, sorry. But if you can't find the values, you could always get a 50 pin IDC terminator. Something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324536290941?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001
  2. @Crutch Do you have a copy of ResCompare? It's my go-to app for making patches. It just compares two binaries, then creates a patch app of the differences.
  3. Do I need a second set of IIfx RAM? I technically have two IIfxes now. Hmm.
  4. I wonder if it'll work as a bog standard SCSI card.
  5. Good ol' 4E71. I was a bit worried that perhaps the ball graphic was actually stored in a "bad" sector, which seems to me that it could have made cracking it a bit difficult without a full copy that included the "bad" sectors.
  6. Is this for mounting directly to the plastic case? Or for mounting inside a cut CRT? Also, a tiny bit of sticky foam along the perimeter could help eliminate any light bleed.
  7. @Kai Robinson Have you noticed any code differences between the two SWIM chips? Or is it simply different packages?
  8. @tommijazz91 Yes, very hard. But that's part of the challenge.
  9. @Crutch I found that playing games at 4x or even 10x speed practically turns them into new games with a whole new set of challenges.
  10. @mattsoft I could. I have an Applesauce FDC magnetic flux imager.
  11. @Nathan_A Keeping up with a NuBUS PowerMac video? Wow, that is some impressive results. I need to set a trigger or something Buyee if I can. Gotta get me one of these cards somehow. I'd love to see the performance from an A and AW series card, though. Although not as compact and cool looking with the stackable RAM cards, they could still offer impressive performance for their bitdepth & resolution. I hope we can track down the software for those as well. Edit: Just thought of something. The RadiusRocket accelerates video when used in conjunction with a video card (wil
  12. That looks like a lot of ZIP memory. I officially declare a group of ZIP memory to be called a Zipper.
  13. It's undeniably cool. I was looking at that very device not too long ago. Since it's fully programmable, it can be used for all sorts of things. Plus, the little MacPaint insert makes me smile. I'm assuming the software will be smart enough to change layouts depending on which app you're running. Would be fun to see it in action.
  14. A 10MHz 68000 (MC68000P10) should work in one of the SE boards, correct? It'll just down clock match the crystal or whatever is doing the timing?
  15. Now I just need to get ahold of one of theses beautiful cards.
  16. @t-shinba Thank you! Thank you! It appears to work. For everyone else, you'll want to change the file type to "dimg," then it should mount correctly using DiskCopy 6.3. I can't wait to hear back from you guys with a video card. Edit: Attached is a copy suitable to be uploaded to Macintosh Garden or wherever. I just fixed the image type and stuff. Pickles Utilities.img.hqx
  17. Saw this on Adrian's Digital Basement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvjsXbz1xlk&ab_channel=Adrian'sDigitalBasementAdrian'sDigitalBasement So if you can go direct from the motherboard to HDMI, then use one of these with an iPad 2 screen, and you could theoretically replace the CRT with a high res DPI LCD and have pretty much a perfect screen with no interpolation artifacts. Any thoughts? Edit: Well, maybe not an iPad 2, but you get the idea. Maybe an iPad 3 screen or something.
  18. @karrots @PowerMac_G4 Write the image to a floppy. It has to run from a real floppy disk.
  19. @Kai Robinson Sort of off topic, but if/when the SWIM is reverse engineered, would it be possible to add daisy-chaining like the Apple II/IIgs? Or would that require additional hardware?
  20. @taddy No, no! That tutorial is for erasing a disk and writing an image to a floppy. We don't want the original disk erased.
  21. @shardsy My IIfx's C1 literally blew up (left a little crater.) Fortunately the IIfx has extra pads for tantalums right next to the electrolytics. So if the traces/pads under the electrolytics are damaged (or become damaged upon removal), it shouldn't be a huge deal as you have an extra set of pads for tantalums. I'd recommend getting a higher voltage rated cap for C1. That one likes to blow up.
  22. I believe @JDW is in Japan, but I don't know where. Perhaps he might be able to help, too.
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