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  1. I don't know why, but I just like seeing actual work computers with 20 millions extension icons. It's so mysterious.
  2. @MrFahrenheit This is the driver I use: http://bitcider.com/content/f/Fujitsu Magneto Optical Software 2.3.8/MDF_2.3.8.image.bin I seem to recall someone even tested it on System 6.
  3. @MrFahrenheit Only think that'd make me switch from my 3.5" 2.3GB Fujitsu MO drive is an HP / Pinnacle Micro MO drive tower with a robotic loading arm. They're surprisingly cheap, but you have to find one local. No one will ship one; and even if they did, it'd be really expensive. The thought of having a large stack of 9.1GB MO discs and a robotic arm moving them around would be awesome.
  4. The Fujitsu MO extension will work on System 7.0 and up, and supports 3.5" and 5.25" up to 9GBs. I have a 2.3GB Fujitsu drive connected to my IIci. Works great. It's my main workhorse for archival. I think the 230s were a non-ISO standard format, but everyone seems to have supported it anyway.
  5. You have to factor in the time put into recapping the board. I don't doubt the person put in a lot of effort and time to recap the board, but the end result looks to me pretty sloppy. Waaaay too much solder. Especially since the seller claims it was cleaned, but the pictures don't show post-recap cleaning. There's still a lot of residue and potential areas of future corrosion if not cleaned properly, especially in the top left of the board. Now if I were the seller and I was planning on charging a premium for a board, I would invest in a sonic cleaner. It'd pay for itself with
  6. @jeremywork Ah, cool! I'd be keen to see some benchmarks.
  7. @jeremywork Any update on that overclocker?
  8. I haven't had any issues with 400k disks on newer drives. The issue runs into using something newer than System 6 (which often have newer drives.) In System 7 the disks behave funny. The become a sort of "write once." It can cause some weird things to happen. Especially when you make disk images. Disk Copy will complain that the disk image is corrupt on System 7 (but it's really just fine, and works fine under System 6.)
  9. Ooo. Could also see a sequel to Super Maze Wars. :o Supra Maze Wars?
  10. olePigeon


    It's kinda like the PC portables back in the day. I doubt the dimensions are much bigger because it appears that the 3.5" drives allowed for the larger screen. I remember my dad's old portable with a tiny green CRT, but it had 2x 5.25" drives.
  11. @tokyoracer I seem to recall having seen those disks on occasion. I could be remembering wrong. Sounds neat.
  12. @Crutch If you open the last picture and zoom in, you can really see the texture. The front of the floppy is not as pronounced. It could just be that it kinda looks like stone, but really they're just unpollished molds. Good to know about the shutter. Mine is really stiff and doesn't move, so I suspect it's broken. I'm just not quite sure how to go about to fix it. I only have the one disk, and the shutter is unique amongst my many floppies.
  13. @Crutch Oooo! Cool! Does your shutter have a spring? Or is it stiff and you have to manually move it? Incidentally, I'd LOVE to get a box of these types of floppies. I just think they're so cool. I suspect they were only commercially available. I might email the guy over at FloppyDisk.com. If anyone had some, he would.
  14. I noticed you're in the Bay Area. If that system came from Shreve Systems, it's possible they threw in a miscellaneous working cable. I think they got a whole ton of Lisa and Mac XL stuff at one point. Wouldn't surprise me if they got a bunch of pre-production parts that work just as well as the final parts.
  15. I forgot to mention that the unique write-protect tab ROTATES. It doesn't slide. It's really nifty.
  16. Oops, forgot the pictures:
  17. I was going through a literal box of floppies from fellow user @cmstuber. Lots of cool disks in there that I've backed up and added to my collection. However, I found a rather unique floppy disk. It's not of standard construction compared to the original Sony disks that everyone copied. The write protect slider the most obvious stand out part, but what I don't think is showing on the pictures is that the floppy disk itself is textured to look like stone. Given that the copyright is 1984, I'm assuming a single-sided disk. Unfortunately the disk protect sli
  18. Do you have a multi-meter? Check the voltage. Check continuity. Looks like the caps (C17, CR7, etc.) are leaking all over the place. You can see it. So those will likely need to be replaced.
  19. @Toni_ Don't suppose you could contact Ben Haller over at Stick Software? He wrote my all-time favorite Mac game: Solarian II. Unfortunately, he had a computer crash a while back and didn't have a backup. So he lost most of the original source code for the OS X version. So he hasn't bothered updating it. Would be great to have Solarian II running on a modern computer.
  20. @cheesestraws This would theoretically let you play Bolo over the internet, correct? At least, I'm hoping.
  21. @cheesestraws Bolo was originally written for the BBC Micro.
  22. @LaPorta One of many mythical servers, from what I understand, yes. There used to be plenty of them. You had to manually type in the "Bolo Tracker" when you started a game so it would show up on one of the servers, which would handle the IP forwarding. Then someone made a hack (0.99.7bv) that integrated support for 3rd party software called "Internet Bolo Buddy" to automatically obtain a list of games on the Bolo Tracker, then auto-fill the tracker IP to register / join an internet based game. Unfortunately, yes, we need to either track down the Bolo Tracker server software, or
  23. According to old USENET posts, the server software is required for NAT. It handled IP forwarding.
  24. There used to be Bolo servers that would let you play over the internet. Unfortunately the tracker server software appears to have disappeared. I tried asking about the server software on various forums (including emailing Stuart Cheshire), but I got no replies. Perhaps someone could figure out how it worked and make a new one. That'd be really useful. I've been dying for a game of Bolo.
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