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  1. The operating system bundled with the Dark Castle disk is likely too old for your IIsi to boot. You could boot from the 6.0.8 disk, then swap disks after it's booted (the machine will continue to run without the boot disk.) But keep in mind you'll be doing quite a bit of disk swapping before the game starts. Another option is if you have an extra high density floppy disk, is to make a bootable System 6 disk, and to copy the Dark Castle files to the bootable System 6 disk. Then you'll have a single disk that is both bootable and has Dark Castle on it. Ultimately, you'
  2. Could probably fix it by just placing the innards of an old surge protector inside.
  3. I think there's a thread already on here somewhere where someone fixed the pivot function of their pivot.
  4. Wow, that's fantastic. Just a random drive-by and someone saw the box?! As for the graphics card, any of the 24-bit video cards such as the Radius 24 series. The GX 1152 and 1600s would be great, too (Radius & SuperMac.)
  5. Thank you, @oldappleguy. @Huxley that should get you going.
  6. You need a specific cable to work with the printer. Also, there might be a switch box on the printer itself where you set baud rate, parity, etc., which (of course) has to match the settings on the computer. I don't have the printer anymore, though.
  7. @Huxley I used MacPlot. But there's also PlotterGeist and a few others out there. You have to use a true vector application. Adobe Illustrator rasterizes before printing, so it's no good. MacDraw works, but a safe bet is to use CAD software.
  8. I bought the remainder of the disks from @cmstuber major floppy haul. I was going to use the bulk disks to make some blank floppies. Lots of 800k and even 400k disks, which I like having on hand since high density disks are so common. To my surprise, he sent me a large flatrate box full of several hundred floppy disks. 99% of the disks were just database software and various versions of Quicken. However, amongst those were some disks that looked pretty important: 2x disks for MacCharlie. 2x disks for Brainstorm accelerator. 1x disk for 101-Keys software fo
  9. I used a single, unrefrigerated tube of solder paste for years. Yes, it got thick and goopy, but it was perfect for surface mount capacitors. Two dabs of sticky stuff, plop the cap on it (it doesn't move cuz it's so sticky), then just touch the solder tip to the goop and watch it melt. Good stuff.
  10. I've bought a set from them about 10 years ago. Still working.
  11. olePigeon


    Wow, those look gorgeous. Is it me, or is the middle one a bit smaller than the other 2?
  12. Just out of curiosity: if you're going to be cloning the SWIM chip, would it be possible to make it so you can daisy-chain floppy drives like you can on the Apple II? I don't know if there are other hardware limitations, or if it could be implemented via the SWIM chip.
  13. olePigeon


    Oooo. Additional screen? Looking at the price for it, I wonder if they were planning to make a portable flat-screen external plasma display. That would have been awesome!
  14. @danda I was looking at these, but I don't know if the diameter is too big: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ranger-Bands-40-Small-Made-in-the-USA-from-EPDM-Rubber-Heavy-Duty-Survival-Gear/331893187723 There're also several rubber band companies that sell custom sizes (they're simply extruded as tubes, then cut into bands.) So if I can get the right measurements, then I could theoretically get the perfect sized bands. I was also looking at orthodontic rubber bands. They're really small and designed to be sturdy. Pack a bunch of those in side-by-side. ||||||
  15. @danda I was literally thinking about doing that. I had discussed it with a couple people off forum. I wondered if just using rubber bands would work as a workarround, and since you clam it works, I'll nee to give it a try! I'll have to go look at some rubber bands. They come in all different sizes and shapes, I bet I can find some small radius thick bands. Then just layer them to the right size.
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