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  1. So recently I have been having some problems with my Power Mac G4 Sawtooth, here they are (in no particular order): 1) When I hold down the option button to select which volume to boot off of, it loads I select the HD that I want and I click the load arrow. But instead of booting it just reloads the list and it will do that each time I click the arrow, it only does that with the OS 9 volume. 2)When I use Disk Warrior to try and repair the OS 9 volume it will get through part of it but then it gives me a -36 error (I/O error). 3) it will randomly Hard Freeze when its booted in OS 9.
  2. been a while since i've been on. but I'm back!!!! and soon I will be getting a Powerbook 180
  3. Just put the "I'm Dumb" sticker on my head!!! I had it plugged into the wrong graphics card
  4. Yes Reinstall System? (I guess check the cable)
  5. so I was switching IDE cables between 2 hard drive today, I went to plug it back into my 10.2 and 9.2.2 drive and it boot but there is a weird problem. In 10.2 they got rid of the smiley mac and you now have the grey apple logo, it doesn't show up. it boots but there is now logo, just a white screen. and if you hold down the option key you suppose to get the drive option screen, that doesn't show up. just a white screen. I have tried the following: 1 Zapping the pram 2 Repairing the disk any ideas? I really want to get this fixed.
  6. I got my sawtooth for free too! they are a great machine! (Mac OS X Server 1.2 runs quite well )
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    umm the link bring me back to the conquests thread page
  8. actually its a bit darker than in the picture because i had the camera flash on and there was light coming in the window, but it does look a a lot better that when I got it no retr0bright....most of it was stuck-on surface gunk
  9. so I got my SE/30 all cleaned up take a look!! but it is still loud!!!! i haven't opened it up yet (I don't have the tools) but I two theories: 1) Fan: is the fan in the SE/30 a squirrel cage fan? if so i have heard that they can be loud. 2) HD: basically just a loud hard drive.
  10. 6.0.8 is the best.... I'm running it on my SE/30
  11. all i can say is WOW its in great condition
  12. the floppy drive is the one that came with the SE/30 ( my SE/30 has a 800k drive in it so I want to see if i could do this instead of opening the SE)
  13. so for my first hack i and trying to get a 1.44 mb floppy drive in the 800k 3.5 external drive. i got it installed and plugged back into my SE/30 but when i go to format a disk it fails to. any ideas?
  14. I have a power supply from the 1st iigs i got its also bad.....anyone have a take apart guide?
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