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  1. Maybe someone should doxx the Richard.
  2. Is there any leaking caps on the video card? The Apple high resolution display card in my iifx had a few, also a burnt ceramic capacitor. Does it chime with no video card installed?
  3. Has this been tested? I seem to have lost the normal daughterboard
  4. This awesome! Impressive work! I'd definitely be interested in one in case my se30 still doesn't work right after recapping
  5. Thanks for the info! Hopefully everything works after I recap the rest of the machine.
  6. 22 ⬆ 16 ⬆ so I assume 16v, they're big enough for me to think theyre 22uf but I'd like verify.
  7. A few years ago when trying to start up my se/30 I heard the telltale sounds of something shorting and sizzling, opening the se30 up, it appeared my ethernet card decided enough was enough and died. These are fairly common, does anyone have one they could peak at and let me know the value of the blown capacitor? It's at C7 down by the PDS connector. A schematic would be equally useful, iirc my daughterboard had a similar looking blown capacitor. Are these types of caps known to spontaneously combust?Maybe there is a deeper issue here, nothing in the se/30 had been recapped when it blew, and I
  8. I have one, I'm missing the daughterboard though, how would I go about dumping the Rom?
  9. Would using 1 18650 in the 1/2 AA macs be overkill? I hear more about them leaking and exploding from being overcharged rather than drained completely. I've got a box of "dead before 2010" li-ion packs made in the early 2000s, of nearly every manufacture; with no leaks to attest to their shelf stability. They're cheap, high capacity, a holder is available, or they can be bought with leads presoldered. I have a couple, made in single battery packages that came out of cheap bluetooth speakers( whose usb ports were on their way out). I've been using one to successfully jump the IIfx's PSU, but it
  10. I bought this IIfx from someone on this forum I believe many years ago, I recently dug it out of storage and decided get it doing useful stuff again. When I used to use it, some I'd power it on and smell something along the lines of slightly burnt fish, a restart would make it go away, lots of reading and experience later, it seems that may be capacitors failing in the PSU (It's using the original II's power supply). Beyond that, ive discovered the "High Resolution Display Video Card" is pretty crusty from leaking caps, to the point where one of the components seems to have burnt, can someone
  11. Have you taken a look at Basilisk ii's sheepnet driver? I was able to compile it on my raspberry pi running Raspbian Jessie and connect to a virtual appletalk file server with both my pbg3 running 10.4 and Takky running 7.5.5 and AS 3.7.4/ OT 1.3, I have netatalk running on the same pi, which the takky also connects to, doesn't seem to be able to connect from basilisk to the netatalk server hosted on the same machine though
  12. I'm no programer but, I see that winbolo has been made open source, also the documentation seems to suggest that modern networking was implemented, theres a client software and a server software. I wonder if the src can be modified to work on a 68k mac again. Or possibly a PC could serve a tracker anyways here's a link to the project's files, the main site seems to be down with Archive's snapshot being rather limited. https://code.google.com/archive/p/winbolo/
  13. Hey guys! It's been about 9 years since I last logged in, but a few months ago I found a CC with a battery damaged logicboard at the transfer station. With nothing gained and nothing lost, as well as a performa 636cd, I decided to try to make a takky and it worked! That got me googling all sorts of mac witchcraft, catching up on the hobby. I saw the page on the replica SE board thread, and it reminded me of this effort from 1986 https://www.cultofmac.com/266710/meet-unitron-mac-512-worlds-first-macintosh-clone/ Many moons ago (possibly pre-crash)I posted a thread pondering the existe
  14. The flashed FX5200 i put in mine has worked fine for everything i've thrown at it so far.
  15. I love my pismo. I have 640mb of ram, an airport card, and 10.4 everything runs fine except flash video(like youtube). i get about 8 hours of battery life just websurfing i got my replacement pismo battery from the seller "wholesalelaptopbatteries" Here's one for sale on their website The batteries are fairly freshly made too, less than a month old.
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