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    • Thanks for answering techknight, love your work! you'r amazing!  And here's a picture of the great shape of my portable, all clean white/grey.   And here with my son wich is kicking my ass i battletanks. I think he's having even more fun than my, with winning and all.   Getting a hold of a new display panel for such old and pretty rare computers will be hard. Anyone have "spares" "laying around" ?  techknight? a NOS part would be sweet Preferebly in europe.   Guess im out of luck. But playing battletanks these dead lines dont interfere much, so atleast we have that!
    • I'm reviving and restoring a 128k. When I boot from a floppy, I got a 0F0064 error after reading the floppy and giving a smily face. I assumed the floppy was bad so I tried a few more and got the same thing. Then I read that the 128 would only boot from System 3.2. So pulled out a system 1.1 disk from my 512k and it gave me a 0F0004 error and ejected after the smily face. I tried booting from my Floppy EMU but it wouldn't even recognize it in floppy or hard drive mode. I tried it plugged into the back and directly into the internal floppy port. Now I get a consistent 0F0004 error no matter what floppy I try.   Not sure what to try next to get it booted, any ideas?
    • I have a 512k that I'm restoring and the floppy reads fine but will not eject. When I manually eject with a paper clip, the disk gets stuck and won't come out. So I cracked the case and removed the drive and carefully removed the disk without damaging it. When I manually push the eject tab, the drive pops upward but does not propel the disk forward. Not sure if I can (or want to) fix it if I can find a good working one. If one of you guys fixes stuff like this, we could make a deal. I'm assuming it's a 400k drive since it came out of a 512k. Here's pics:  
    • You might be having problems with Speculative Access.  Basically, all modern CPUs guess what instructions might come next, execute them, and then keep or discard the results.  This is a problem when the CPU guesses I/O instructions that change the state of something, and G3 upgrades in Old World Macs tend to make these bad guesses.  The symptoms are random stability issues, data corruption, and failure to boot.   Fortunately, someone made an extension called ROM Fixer which disables Speculative Access, and I found a copy on the Wayback Machine (also attached to this post).  In my G3 upgraded 9600, this solved all my problems except the occasional failure to boot; the three-finger salute gets it going after one or two tries.  I have the extension installed in both System 7.6.1 and Mac OS 9.2.2, and it's probably compatible with every version of the classic Mac OS a 9600 can boot.   http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?topic=2656.msg27281#msg27281 ROM_Fixer.sea.hqx
    • Thanks for the heads up!   I have an iBook G4 and a Lombard for PowerPC applications, but to be honest it's been years since I have used one of my Macs.   The 2 x 2Gb DIMMs from the old Dell laptop worked great.  Currently Lion is installed along with Windows 7 Home Premium via BootCamp.    I'm going to have to put the 500GB hard drive in the MacBook though.  I assigned 35GB out of the original 80GB drive to Windows but it's down to about 5GB free after installing 200+ updates and installing some of the software I use for development.  After seeing how little free space was left I didn't bother installing the remainder of the software.    Installing a larger hard drive will allow me to have multiple Mac OS X partitions as well as a larger Windows partition.  I saw some posts on other sites about installing newer versions of Mac OS X but would like to have a version installed that needs no fiddling with to work.