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    • Thank you! That's helpful. I've already replaced the HyperDrive PS so it's working fine. I'll have to double check but it looked like to me the only "mods" done to the Mac PS by GC was where the they tapped in the wires for the HD PS.
    • Thanks for that link. I think I'm going to replace the caps on the analog board before I plug in the screen kit transformer. Maybe after I stabilize the power I'll revisit the floppy drive. A working floppy might help me diagnose the problem with the Sun20 hard drive. I'm not planning on trying to run any OS other than what's on there now.  
    • Now this is a machine that deserves to have an Xceed Grayscale card!
    • The school I work at has purchased a 3D printer that has a 10"w x 10"d x20"h (254mm x 254mm x 508mm) print area.

      That's big enough to print a compact Mac bezel (diagonally at least).

      128k, 512kx, Plus, SE/x, Classic, and even the Color Classic should all be do-able.

      Immediate applications that come to mind - customized floppy openings for different media (Zip/Jaz drives, optical drives, Twiggy drives, SD cards), customized monitor openings and interior mounting lugs for for flat screens, simple replacement of broken bezels, Macquaria and Macsks, even whole new esthetic takes on the front of a compact Mac (like this. )

      I don't think buckets are possible yet, but it might be fun to do a 5/9 scale one with a little 5" CRT or 4:3 flat screen.

      Anybody got a good scan of the face (interior and exterior) of any compact Mac? I'd really like a Classic model to mess with, but any compact Mac face will do.
    • A bigger UPDATE:   Sooo, after some hassle with, well, nearly everything in my SE/30, finally here's where we are now:   1st Test: SE/30, 32bit clean ROM -Using the INIT (which I've diassembled and it indeed does not more than picking on code-resource out of the control-panel resource) and my patched CP it boots all the way through. No error, no exception, even the CP-icon has been X'ed as no C040 was in the system. That's a pretty uncommon view, isn't it?     2nd Test: Little Carrera went where no Carrera has gone before... a bit tight but it's OK (the front corner baaaarely touches the tube):     Cross fingers, light a candle - prepare curses for Bolle , just in case - and flick the switch: Chime & Happy Mac, installs MacsBugs, INITs'n'stuff and... stuck at the control panel.   Woohoo! Well, not 100%-Woohoo but it shows that we're getting somewhere. I assume a deadlock where the CP waits for an answer from the C040 at a given address ($5300 0000) on which little SE/30 is deaf, dumb and blind. It crashes that much, that even MacsBugs is shocked and vanishes (even the debug-key is not working)... but we'll fix that.      P.S. We love Bolle, don't we?