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Color Classsic II and SCSI2SD

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Just want to verify that someone else got this working...First try didnt work...anyone there that has done it...any configuration changes to get it working on the scsi2sd tools.

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I removed my original hard drives and bought SCSI2SD units from Inertial Computing - a 5.1 internal model and a 5.5 external model - and they worked out of the box on my Color Classic and Color Classic II.   Later, I went in with the tools to change the SCSI ID and things but mine worked out of the box.  I used balenaEtcher in Windows to copy a 1GB System 7.5.5 minimal boot image I found online to the MicroSD Card then booted from it and did an install full installation from CD-ROM.  I did notice some weirdness about which MicroSD card I used - the SCSI2SD adapter seemed to be a bit particular for me or else balenaEtcher was flaky.  Either way, all works for me now.


Good luck.

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