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Mac Classic - Assistance needed

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On 8/27/2020 at 12:10 PM, techknight said:

Hopefully it all works out! 

So I have a socket fitted for the68K now (Checked for shorts and continuity BTW), and the CPU doesn't overheat like an air cooled car in death valley anymore! Voltages at the power connector seem fine and I have -5v where I expect it too.


But right now I have nothing on screen at all, no bong or checkerboard so it seems deader than ever :(


On a positive note I am seeing 5v at the /halt and /reset pins on the CPU, which means it isn't stuck in reset and it hasn't halted. I guess I need to break out the scope and look at the address and data lines over the board and see what's going on. 


I have the schematics, but was wondering if anybody could point me at a description of all the chips and their functions.


thanks again to @dochilli for the spare if slightly melted logic board, I at least have a supply of spare parts now.



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