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New SE and Miniscribe deep-dive

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@Franklinstein ah, ok. Can’t wait to see how that turns out when you get the chance to mess with it! 

Yeah, I knew the Rodimes weren’t know for good reliability. I too think it’s pretty cool that they were Scottish. You don’t see a lot of computer-related tech from there it seems. They did invent the 3.5” hard drive form factor, which is one of the reasons I really like them. 

I believe Norton Disk Doctor was able to mark the sectors off to not be used, as there was a few hundred more kilobytes of used space on the drive after I scanned it. However it wasn’t able to do this with data in those spots, so I scanned it while it was blank the second time.


Also, here’s a video of it running in the SE!



I had the external drive off here, so you can here just the Rodime. That SCSI enclosure you can see is the one I put the Miniscribe that was originally in this SE into.


System 7.0.1 would probably boot quicker with a faster drive, but I’m not bothered by it. 

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Also, here’s an inside-shot of the SE with the Rodime installed:




You can always identify a Rodime from the bottom. The big, silver stepper-motor is always the giveaway. 

Now to find an analog board with the old squirrel-cage/cross-flow fan and this’ll be done (just the fan itself would do, but I don’t anticipate finding one on its own). I’ll also recap the A/B and PSU eventually.

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