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Power Mac G4 with Sonnet upgrade

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I acquired a Power Mac G4 with Sonnet upgrade for a very good price from eBay. Asked the seller to remove the handles which they did and it arrived in one piece!


The original speed was 400 MHz but with the Sonnet upgrade this will be higher now, I don't know the clock speed yet.


I did a quick power on test with monitor plugged in, chimes and displays video fine. I don't have any system discs that will work with it yet, but that's the next thing to sort. The machine does not have any drives so I am just working out my options for putting an SSD in here.


My plans for this machine are:


  • Full disassembly / tear down
  • Full clean of every part
  • Inspect PSU, make a judgement on recapping
  • Replace electrolytic capacitors on the logic board
  • SSD conversion
  • Add a spinning disk of some sort
  • Find a Sonnet Tempo SATA card
  • Install OS 9 / OS X
  • Set up a file server
  • Install some games
  • Eventually find an internal Zip drive to add to it
  • Enjoy it















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Managed to boot from a Tiger disc and open System Profiler, the Sonnet upgrade is a single 1.6 GHz CPU.

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Badass machine! Really cool to see such a high-clockspeed CPU upgrade in there - congrats :-) 

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