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Found IIcx with Daystar CPU adapter

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Received a small lot of 68k Macs and amongst them was a IIcx (the only IIcx) with the CPU removed and a socket in its place with a Daystar adapter board presumably for a DayStar Digital accelerator card (which I did not receive). Having never seen a IIcx in real life, I was surprised to see the CPU socketed. Was the CPU in the IIcx socketed from the factory? Anyway, I have no idea what to do with this board...but found in interesting. Maybe it's not. Hah!


The lot also had a IIx in very rusty shape so I started stripping it down to find the mainboard was actually a IIfx in extremely good condition -- no obvious corrosion. Gonna try to get it up and running...




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The IIcx is just like the SE/30. Earlier boards were socketed, later ones weren’t.

You could send your board to Daystar to have a socket fitted when you bought an accelerator and didn’t already have a socket on your board.

Yours looks like it is an early board that has the socket from the factory.


You’ll be able to run the P33/P34 PowerCache or the Turbo040 with that adapter.

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