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My IIfx needs your help

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hi everyone!

Thanks for relisting me into this forum. Was a member 10 years ago, but had to re-register.

Onto the topic at hand. Ive recently aquired the illusive IIfx, which ive been hunting for for a long time. Unfortunately, like many others i assume, has pram battery damage. Ive cleaned it up with isopropanol, but i think its toast. This machine has 128mb ram and the original 160mb 5 1/4 hdd. Id really love to have this beast running, and join my fleet of macs (re-capped se/30, LCIII, IIsi and a performa 580CD) also have 2 classic II's and a se



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Wow, that logic board has really been raided! This Iifx board has plenty of smd tantalum capacitors. Shame its fate is death by acid. A huge ask, but does anyone have a IIfx board they are willing to sell?

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