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Macintosh se/30 wont boot from external sources

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Just this christmas I got a macintosh se/30. I did a recap on it to bring back the sound and to bring back the occasional boot issues with the internal scsi. The internal scsi boots fine now no matter what, but neither my external scsi or external floppy ports boot. The machine starts up and when any external sources is in it gives the flashing floppy. Now I know its not the floppy since Its a emu and it works on my se and my plus. And I know its not my external scsi because It works fine when I use it on my other machines and it works when I put it in the machine. And yes there isn't the slightest of corrosion on the board, I was so surprised to see it in such good condition inside. I have cleaned both the ram slots and the ram. I also cleaned the slot for the rom and the rom itself. It boots fine with an internal but not external. It sees its there because it freezes at boot up to try and boot from the sources but it just wont from either.

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4 hours ago, LaPorta said:

I’d check the bournes filters. It is possible one or more are bad. You need to check resistance across pins as described in the Dead Mac Scrolls.

Ok thanks I should change the forum but I just realised that it does boot to floppy but I didnt know that the hd/20 feature of the floppy emu wasn't supported by the mac se/30. Thats my bad but the external scsi still wont work so maybe thats another reason why It wont boot from the emu as the hdd setting.

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