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Quadra 700 - 68040 33mhz or 40mhz upgrade

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No problem! Nice to know he's still got that going on the side.


Got them Friday (decided to get both 66.666 and the 71.7948, just to see). and the rest of everything should be here Monday. Also got a solder sucker, so hopefully that plus heat gun makes easy work of the through hole connections.


I'll also have those last two values of capacitor that I missed in my initial inspection of the power supply (but rectified in the parts list), then a working Q700.


Short of finding a TechStep, is there a program that would test the sundry aspects of the system that might be disabled/impaired by an OC over 33 MHz? That wouldn't be identified with a MacBench test or even the Apple Personal Diagnostics? I suppose the only thing relevant to me would be floppy drive control (I'm guessing it effects floppyEmu just as it would a physical drive), ans I don't recall if it does, but perhaps Ethernet.

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