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My screen is blue (Radius Pivot SE/30)

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If you look at this post of bigmessowires‘ and his following one in the same thread, you will find that he was stuck with the 1152 resolution at a time and finally solved this with a) the right drivers and b) grounding the right sense pins of his card. So I thought the same should be possible with the pivot SE 30 card, too. Bolle has posted here, which pins are sense pins (4+7), so grounding those would mean connecting them together and then to for example pin 1? And which software would we need?

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Hey @Bendix!

    All I did was take the Red pin-which is position 2 on the board connector, and the Green pin, which is position 5 on the board connector (Counting off from right to left in this picture) and connected them to the Red pin on the VGA connector (which is pin one) and the Green pin on the VGA connector (which is pin two.)  And then I hot glued them in place, for good measure!


Hope this helps!  :cool:


Cable hack radius.JPG

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