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Found 8 results

  1. Good afternoon folks. I recently picked up a dead IIx. It wouldn't even bumpstart when I first saw it, but I'm not sure why as it sort of did once I got it home (it chimed and showed the happy mac before doing a weird restart with no chime - after a couple of times it froze). Note that it does not restart if there is no disks connected. Additionally, the video is pale and washed out, except once in a while when it is normal. It is now a couple of weeks later and I've spent the weekend researching and repairing. I've fixed 6 broken traces and checked lots more in the power circuit. I've re-capped most of the motherboard (I don't have a replacement for the yellow 10uF or the axial 220uF (might have the value wrong - it almost faces the board!). The power on circuit now works from ADB and the button on the back. Machine is a late variant (March 1990) and has a soldered CPU and factory battery holders (no funny little board or capacitor). 8mb of RAM, Radius 24 Pro XK, ethernet and a 540mb disk. At some point someone had a Radius Rocket in it, but sadly that is gone. Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong? I don't know the machine's history so it could even have the wrong RAM fitted for all I know. Issue summary: 1. Restarts silently without an error while showing the Happy Mac. 2. Video is washed out. Youtube video for reference : https://youtu.be/Dca4S1n8_VI
  2. tommijazz91

    SE/30 startup problems

    Hello everyone! My SE/30 has always had a weird problem: if I boot from the internal hard disk, most of the time the system software doesn't load, and the floppy icon appears (as if the HDD took to long to spin). This happens almost every time, maybe it will boot once every 20 times or more, and mostly at cold boot. But if I connect a SCSI Zip drive (even without a cartridge), the Mac boots just fine to System 7.5.5. I have a 8gb hard drive with five partitions, the system folder is in partition 1. Otherwise it's a stock SE/30 that needs recapping (no sound). RAM is 8mb. Anyone knows why this happens? Thanks a lot!
  3. I have a monstrous Attila the Mac 950 Quadra tower that is a fantastic machine. Works great with one strange startup quirk: Before powering on, I have to turn off the power to the machine (using a power strip on/off button), then on again immediately prior to powering up the 950. If I do this it boots 100% of the time, very reliably. If I DON'T do this power strip on/off step, the machine fails to boot properly and hangs with a grey screen at startup. Very reliably. BTW I didn't just stumble up on this startup workaround, I found a hint during my hours of googling vintage mac startup problems and going through my old mac reference books. But alas I have been unable to find the source of this tip, which might provide hints as to what's going on and what I can do about it. Replacing the PSU is one obvious option to try ... but perhaps it's the board that's faulty? Anybody here have experience or knowledge of this issue? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  4. Hi all, im wondering if anyone might be able to make any suggestions regarding a 400mhz Pismo I have. As the title suggests, it boots so long as its plugged in at the mains and the reset button that sits among the ports has been pressed for a bit. The obvious first thing to do was to disconnect the dead pram battery however that hasn't soulved it.Can anyone suggest what I might be able to try next? Many thanks
  5. I'm an experience programmer on modern hardware, and I thought I would try my hand at creating some classic mac os software. I purchased volumes 1-6 of Inside Macintosh on Amazon and I've been familiarizing myself with the basic ideas. Heres my current goal. I've got a few macs that will run without a clock battery, and I would like to leave them without a battery. I store my macs for long periods of time and I dont want to install a battery just to take it back out again when I put the mac away. SOOO, I want to create an extension that sets the time if the current time is before 2016. and I want it to pop up a dialog on startup. I think this is possible because Appleshare will pop up a dialog on startup if appletalk is turned off. So far, I've managed to write a program that opens a dialog and sets the system clock. When I go to convert this to an extension, It opens a dialog, however it also causes a bus error and crashes the machine. My understanding is that a bus error has to do with memory bounds. Are there special rules about running code on startup? do I need to do something to increase the available memory? Does anyone on here have experience doing this?
  6. Hi everyone! When I was younger the main computer in my family was a tray loading Bondi iMac running 8.6. It was used for hours each day for at least ten years (that's a conservative guess, it was very probably longer). A couple years ago it started having a minor issue. The power button needed to be pressed two or three times to get it to boot. Other than that everything was working great. One morning I got up and heard from a sad family member that the iMac wouldn't start up at all. No chime, no lights... nothing. It's currently sitting in my cold, lonely closet, and after reading what some of the people on here can do/have done I'd like to take it out and try to revive it. Given the computer's history my suspicion (what I thought when it died too) is that the power button broke. I don't have access to a keyboard with a power button so I can't test that for sure. My question is, how does one replace an iMac power button? And, if that doesn't work, would the next logical idea be looking at the power supply itself? Is there something I don't know that I should know? Thanks!
  7. I don't know if I'm using the wrong search words or just don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm curious about what happens when the Apple I, II, III and Lisa have a hardware problem that would cause a Sad Mac in later computers. I'm a very visual person so pics would be great, but they seem to be hard to find so a description of some sort would work too. Thanks everyone!
  8. Juliet Elysa

    Mac Plus Temporary Jailbar Screen?

    Hey everyone! I'm SO glad I found this forum, I've been reading posts as a guest for a while and just now got around to making an account. Today I pulled my Mac Plus out of my closet for the first time in three to five years. It's sitting on my living room floor at the moment, though hopefully it will have a desk to sit on soon. The closet gets pretty cold, especially during winter, so I was a bit anxious about turning it on, not knowing what to expect. Thankfully it booted right up without any major issues. :b&w: It seemed to think that there was a disk in the internal floppy drive so it tried to eject something that wasn't there, but that (and me putting a few non-system disks, oops!) was the only hiccup. However, I had to turn the Mac on and off a few times since it froze when I tried running programs from the software sampler disk, and I noticed something strange while doing it: For a second before it started looking for a startup disk it displayed a screen like this: After the bars went away the screen grew dimmer and the black part slowly became grey. Then the screen flashed black for a fraction of a second before the computer booted normally. The thing that concerns me most is, the bars took up more of the screen each time I turned it on and off. When I restarted it with the restart button in a system error message the lines didn't show up at all. Can someone please give me an idea of how serious this display issue is/whether or not it's a warning sign of something major and what's causing it? By the way, I have very minimal experience with circuit boards. I can identify things like RAM and a CPU but don't know much about capacitors and other less obvious stuff yet. Thank you all!