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Found 14 results

  1. A viewer of my YouTube channel recently asked me about a Sad Mac Error code that he is seeing on his Macintosh 128K: 047A80 It would seem to be RAM related as per this: To identify the individual bad chips, we use this... Unless I am in error, the 7A80 part would seem to indicate 6 bad chips at the following locations: 1000+2000+4000=7000, so: G9, G10 & G11 0800+0200=0A00, so: G6 & G8 0080 = F12 Strangely, Mouser doesn't have replacement chips but JAMECO does. As you can see on that page they are $2.25 each (+ shipping). The JAMECO datasheet seems comparable to the datasheet of Apple's stock chips. Any thoughts on what would 6 RAM chips to go bad? Static discharge?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a recapped and ultrasonic cleaned LC475 that will work just fine with no RAM stick installed, but when one is, it'll do the death chime. Info: Board was not tested before recap, has no PRAM battery (a 10-pack is on the way though), I have been using the turn on, quickly turn off and back on again method to get it working with no battery.
  3. Simple question, does anybody know where I can buy (or a design to make) some PAL 30 pin SIMMs for my IIx? I'm stuck at 8MB and would love even a little more. Note they don't work with standard high capacity SIMMs.
  4. Dear Mac enthusiasts, Finally I could figure out what was wrong with my Mac Portable backlit model and I brought it back to life yesterday afternoon. Not a really big deal, just a broken path, but it was under a chip, so it was quite difficult to find. Anyway, now that it works fine I have a couple questions: -First: when should the screen backlight turn on? I thought it came on at the same time I turn the computer on, but for some reason it doesn't until it loads the first extension. I don't really care, as it works perfectly fine, it's just curiosity. -Second and more important: I have an official 1MB external RAM card that prevents the mac from booting. It gets in a boot chime loop and, if I press the interrupt switch I get a sadmac error 03001300 // 00001FFA or 03001382 // 00001FFA. I assume I have a bad RAM card, but reading the thread about @techknight 9MB project (incredible work, so sad it's no longer available) I seemed to understand that RAM cards were different for models M5120 and M5126, so maybe I have a wrong card. I leave a picture here, in case someone may check it. I looked in Ebay, but currently there is nothing available. I'd appreciate if someone have one laying around that may want to sell it to me. Thank you!!!!!
  5. I am pretty sure it's correct, but thought it worth checking with someone more knowledgeable than I... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4MB-30-Pin-Simm-Fpm-Parity-9-Chip-RAM-Memory-4Mx9-5V-70ns-Samsung-KMM594000B-7/274302508296
  6. Greetings everyone, I have a little question regarding the max amount of RAM in Performa 630 (rev B board), as I've read some conflicting information on the net, and like a Mac guru to clear my doubts. ;) LowEndMac states that I can use a single-banked 64 MB SIMM for a max amount of 68 MB. Other sites claim that only 32 MBs are supported, for a total of 36. I also read on several sites that I can solder a second 72-pin RAM slot and fit it with 16 MB single-banked SIMM (for a total of 52 MB), however there are only 64 solder pads on my board - not enough to fit a 72-pin slot! So, can anyone please tell me what's the truth? ;) Can I safely put a single-banked 64 MB? Somehow solder a second slot? Or am I stuck with 36, without swapping the board to a Quadra one?
  7. SE30_Neal

    ROMINATOR, RAM & 7.5.5

    Hi guys, having trouble getting my SE/30 up and running post Rominator II and ram installation. ok thats not entirely true i can boot into the Rom side and it shows its 24bit with 128MB yet wont boot into my actual HHD with the revised configuration. Please note i had 4MB and standard rom which booted fine in to 7.5.5. now I understand from big mess of wires there’s some issue with 7.5.5 and you need res edit 2.1.3 and disc copy 6.3.3. So the question. How do i fix this, do i need to downgrade my 7.5.5 to 7.5.3 if so how do i do that? Does picker help? Then do i need to take the rom and ram back out, put the old stuff back in? load res edit. This bit im unsure of too as I’ve never used res edit before. if anyone can assist whos successful upgraded there SE/30 to 128mb on 7.5.5 using the rominator to make it 32bit clean i would really appreciate any advise. On the plus side i now know all the hardware works. Neal
  8. livedot

    How to remove RAM from SE30

    Hi, I searched but couldn't find this info so I'm asking here. The RAM chips on my logic board seem stuck. Is there something special about removing them (and the ROM)? Hmm after review, I see I should have put this in the lounge. Sorry.
  9. Gentlemen, my aging brain needs a refresher on SE/30 RAM banks. I have four 16MB SIMMS and I know I need to use all 4 of them at a time in an SE/30, but do I put them all in Bank A or Bank B? Thank you. P.S. I tried searching this forum for "SE/30 RAM banks" knowing this topic has surely been discussed in the past, but the forum search feature gave me zero results. So either that data is missing, or I need to be instructed on the technical intricacies of how searching this forum works.
  10. Dear members I see that from time to time there are folks who want more info on RAM / Memory specs for a variety of Macs, this doc goes from 1984 to 2000 and is a great resource. Please find the memguide.pdf (1.8MB) file as a reference. The following areas are covered. early Macintosh quadra/centris macintosh lc performa power macintosh portables workgroup servers laser printers pc/dos compatible cards video cards memguide.pdf
  11. Greetings, My brother picked up an Apple IIgs for me from the thrift store yesterday. I am getting an error: system bad: 02010400 when I run the self test by holding command+option during boot. From what I can determine, this is a ram error. I removed the add-in ram card for now and re-ran the test with the same result. Does this error show ram chip bank 01 is bad? If so, would this be the chip "UM1" on the mainboard? And last, are these the correct replacement chips: http://www.jameco.com/z/41464-10-Major-Brands-64KX4-100NS-HY53C464S-10-DIP-18-DRAM_41574.html Thanks!
  12. Macintoshguy1984

    Macintosh 512k RAM replacement?

    I have a macintosh 512k and keep getting sad mac error code 024280, I have found out i need to replace the ram. I did a google search of it, but couldn't find the right ram. RAM= NEC d41256c -20
  13. Macdrone

    63x series ram slots

    So I have a few of these. It was my first new computer bought for us as a family group. So I'm sliding parts in and out maxing them out as best as I can, then I see a strange sight. Two ram slots instead of one. So that's cool. Silk screened for 1-16 mb on one slot and 1-32 mb on the other. So that was new to me and kind of cool.
  14. Has anyone figured out, done or otherwise documented the maximum amount of maximum RAM on a Mac II Series Mac and with what type of RAM? I know of one case - MacClassic and his SE/30 having 69Megs using EDO RAM. This is his post: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23086-ram-suitability-for-se30/?p=238991 In theory he could have 128MB of RAM on the SE/30 but did not have enough resources to get it done. Personally I would like to know what is obtainable in theory and what was done in the past by the members.