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Found 1 result

  1. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    My Newton clone lives again! Well, I spoke too soon when I replied in to the Newton documentary thread when I said my Marco didn't work. My problem was lack of patience... Long story not-so-short, about 15 years ago I was given this Marco. It came with no power supply, nothing except the Marco carrying case. At the time I tried a regular Newton PS but that didn't work and since I had no documentation and couldn't find any info about the Marco specs, it's been in the box with the rest of the Newton stuff. So recently when I got out my Newton stuff I thought I'd give the Marco another shot. After doing some googling I found possibly the only detailed reference to the Motorola Marco on the web and I finally found the information about the Marco PS. (Bless you Newtman!) So I googled the Motorola PN and lo and behold there is exactly one Marco power supply for sale on ebay for a very reasonable price! So I get the power supply, new backup battery, and Marco still no boot. Darn. Oh well. Flash forward a few weeks to today and after I posted about the Marco I thought I'd give it another shot. After about 10 mins on the charger and a hard reset I get the chime and Marco is alive! The problem was the first time I tried the PS I didn't give the Marco any time to charge the (long) dead battery. Anyway, the red & green lights are Marco searching in vain for the long gone ARDIS network. (The dark line on the screen is from the camera shutter sync) Anyway, Oh, and I found the battery pack for my Messagepad too.