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Found 4 results

  1. Normally connecting a Mac Classic (working) logic board to only its Molex connector (so no ram card, no floppy, no disk), it starts with sound and showing the floppy with question mark on the screen. Now, I'd like to know which components of LB are (not) participating in this phase in order to concentrate on them (or exclude them) in my tests to understand why it does not start. Thanks for suggestions.
  2. JDW

    Mac Classic FAN

    Based on the photo of a Mac Classic below, I'm guessing the stock fan in the Classic & Classic II must be 60mm x 25mm like the SE & SE/30, but can anyone confirm this? I assume it's a 2-wire fan that doesn't use PWM. THANKS!
  3. Greetings everyone! I've been meaning to post here for awhile, but I've delayed it hoping that my old, previously reliable Mac Classic edition might fix itself to no avail. Basically, the mac boots up, and all I get is the grey desktop background... nothing happens after that. The hard drive spins, but nothing happens. The screen looks fine, but there is no mouse pointer or anything else. Sometimes, if I tap on the little tab buttons on the left side of the case near the back, I will get the sad mac logo with an error code of 000001. It is my understanding that is the code for a bad ROM. Since I can't replicate the sad mac all the time, maybe there is more than that. This malfunction occurred all of a sudden with no previous signs or hints of trouble. What do you guys think may be going on? I have purchased the long torx screwdriver to open the machine, but I've been stalling. I'm no stranger to soldering and working with electronics, but the whole, "CRT capacitors have enough voltage charge to kill you," is a little unnerving. The machine hasn't been switched on in months, so it's probably OK, but still give me some pause. Any safety tips? I've heard of putting the logic board in the dishwasher, which also seems crazy, but apparently it works. As a long shot option. I also have in my possession the chassis to an old Mac Classic II (which I believe is a color version). I know the parts and boards are different, but I was wondering if it might be possible to simply replace the Mac Classic chassis with the Classic II? I know it's probably unlikely, since they are different machines and one is color and the other isn't, but if that might be an option that would be an incredibly easy potential fix. Any chance this might be possible? Based on my research, I should try to start by opening the case and reseating the ROM. Does that sound right? Anything else I should try (besides looking for capacitor leakage)? Any help, advice, or assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance for your expertise and help!
  4. So, one of my Mac Classic's has a problem relating to the screen; it randomly shuts off, leaving only a thin (about one pixel thick) blurred streak that goes across vertically. I can get the screen flicker and pop back on again by smacking it on the side with the analog board against it; I'm pretty sure that the problem is related to the flyback transformer. Otherwise, the computer works fine, even when the screen is having another tantrum.