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Found 15 results

  1. tommijazz91

    IIgs keyboard not working at all!

    Hi everyone! After some time searching for one, I Irecently bought an Apple IIgs keyboard for my SE/30 (the seller lives just 2 km from here, what a coincidence!). It is quite yellowed but the keys are quite nice and not sticky. I plugged it to a SE/30 with a cord taken from a working AEK II but nothing happens. It appears to be totally dead. Either port doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something? Even the PCB doesn't appear to be too terrible. I really wouldn't want to resell it or buy another one - they are too hard to find and import to Italy.
  2. godfatherq8

    macintosh portable Keyboard

    Hi I use the case of my portable with new macbook but I want to keep the original keyboard, do anyone know how can I use the macintosh portable keyboard and change the IDE interface to USB so it works with new Laptops?
  3. godfatherq8

    apple portable keyboard

    Hi I use the case of my portable with new macbook but I want to keep the original keyboard, do anyone know how can I use the macintosh portable keyboard and change the IDE interface to USB so it works with new Laptops?
  4. Yes, even the Macintosh 128k/512k KEYBOARD needs to be recapped: But does it really need to be 63V? Here's the keyboard schematic, with the 1uF cap showing in the upper right area nearest U2: And U2 is the 74LS123 shown here: Sure, I can find a Mouser $3.23 replacement, but why is the stock cap rated at 63V? Is it because people might be stupid and connect the keyboard to a phone jack, or is there some other reason? The reason I even wonder about this is because if lower voltage 1uF caps can safely be used in this keyboard, then more replacement options present themselves that are better and cheaper too. I look forward to your insightful replies!
  5. ArmorAlley

    Macintosh Keyboard on a Plus

    Can I use the keyboard of an original Macintosh (it has the model no. M0110 ) on a Mac Plus? It looks as if it can, but I'm not sure.
  6. I'm in the process of replacing my Lisa keyboard's foam pads, and I realized that the caps lock key doesn't stick halfway down like it should. I'm afraid I may have lost something from the mechanism that makes this work. Does anyone happen to have any detailed pictures of the caps lock assembly (or would anyone be willing to take them, for science? )
  7. Westinghouse

    Newton Keyboard X0044 -- no shift?

    I've had a Newton Keyboard to go along with my MessagePad 2100 for years, and they have always played well together. Today, though, I find that neither shift key on the keyboard is doing anything. Typing input with a shift key depressed yields a lower-case letter (or the 'lower-case' typographical symbol on a key-- ';' instead of ':'). Caps Lock still provides capital letters. Every other key works, including Ctrl, Option and open-Apple. Same behavior when used with an eMate 300. Any ideas as to what might be causing this behavior? Is it likely within the keyboard, or in the serial adapter?
  8. steven6502

    Looking for Mac Plus KB and mouse

    I am looking for a macintosh plus keyboard and mouse. Don’t care about looks just care if they work. I would prefer to get them in one deal but I am happy to buy them individually.
  9. I have an Apple Extended Keyboard II and the caps lock key latch is broken. It's a tiny piece of plastic that slides in place when the caps lock key is depressed once and slides out of place when it is depressed again, thus latching the key in a locked position when the caps lock is enabled. eg: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Alps_SKCL_Lock So the tiny latch has lost its top bit in one of my keyboards and I imagine this isn't a rare problem given the age of the plastic and the desirability of these particular keyboards. Has anybody sourced a replacement for either the entire SKCL switch or just the latch piece? I'm no good with CAD or I'd possibly try printing one - except the piece is so tiny I'm not sure it would fit within the resolution constraints of my 3D printer.
  10. Has anyone seen this? It allows you to use a ps2 mouse with a pre-adb Mac. http://giferrari.net/blog/?p=159 Note: I just found this, not my work. IlikeTech
  11. Hi everybody, I'm a new owner of an Apple IIe Platinum, that appears to be in very good condition. Apart from one pretty serious problem (I think) - the Reset key doesn't work. I've tried wiggling it, repeatedly tapping it (not too hard). I've taken the case off and had a look at the keyboard and it appears to be OK, the tracks all look OK on the bottom. I have a copy of the Intro disk, and one of the sections on that takes you through the keyboard, so I know that Control and Open-Apple are both OK. It's just the Reset key. So... does anybody have any ideas? Is it likely to to be the physical key, or may the problem be elsewhere? The guy I purchased it off tells me the key was working before he posted it, as he did a thorough check of the machine, and had to use it when preparing some of the disks he sent with it. I'm at a loss, and I'm not really sure if the machine is useable without a functioning Reset key. Thanks for reading, and for any help you can offer. John
  12. bom.cabedal

    Keyboard cable for 512K Mac

    Hi everyone, Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up a (non-upgraded) 512K Mac that someone needed to get rid of (fine with me). It is a good-looking machine, and still works. There are two parts failing, however: the mouse (which can still be had off eBay) and the phone-style keyboard cable. I have some difficulty tracking the latter; can anyone here offer advice on where to get a specimen?
  13. Hi , i recently bought a Lisa 2/5 with keyboard and Profile 5MB on Ebay, The lady wasnt working due to corrosion on the motherboard and i/o board But after spending hours of cleaning and fixing some minor issues (like the reset was stuck on low because of a broken reset button) i finally could make it to the starting screen :b&w: Ok so far, but now i figured out that the keyboard doesnt work at all. Its not just the foam issue (most of the pads were still looking good..i assume :b&w: ),but i couldnt get it work even if i touched the pads on the keyboard pcb slightly with my fingertips after removing the keyboard tray. Does someone have an idea what i have to look for to get the keyboard working again? Or do i have to look for another keyboard.... Btw its an upgraded Lisa 1 (i assume) with Applenet id 00100075, Manufactured 83060 (march 1983) and ROMs F/A8. The Profile HDD fails self test (the drive cant read Track 77, for reason unknown). Any help would be appreciated I also need a mouse, if some1 could spare one very cheap...