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  1. Reflowing the solder joints for the capacitors did the trick. Thanks @techknight
  2. That seems very odd because after the recap this worked perfectly, its only after being in storage that its had this weird problem. I replaced all capacitors yes. I will check them all again...
  3. Sorry, they work in Safari but yes don't seem to work in other browsers for some reason Looks like mp4 embeds are broken on this site maybe. @techknight Here you go... https://streamable.com/9h20fk https://streamable.com/gpmdc6 https://streamable.com/g04h5i
  4. I have a Plus with a recapped logic board and analog board (work carried out by me). It worked perfectly before I put it into storage. I've just taken it out of storage, I think I last turned it on a few months ago. Now the picture is very wobbly and the picture height has collapsed. Any ideas as to what is causing this behaviour? I have checked the ground points and everything is still screwed together as it should be... See videos below IMG_0540.mp4 IMG_0543.mp4 IMG_0541.mp4
  5. joshc

    Compgeke's Acquisitions

    Beautiful, what a great acquisition and the price sounds perfect! I used to have a NeXTStation and still regret selling it. It took me a long time to realise the NeXT keyboard and mouse are ADB, so you can use them with a Mac too.
  6. joshc

    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    I didn't know there were different revisions. Yes, the boxes were all bleached white. The boxes I found above look to have been probably stored in damp conditions. I've never seen a brown SE/30 box - the brown boxes came a bit later on in Apple's history, as part of an effort to make their packaging more environmentally friendly in the early 90s IIRC.
  7. joshc

    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    I don't have an SE/30 box myself, so can only rely on what pops up on eBay, there aren't any high res photos that come up from a Google search that I've seen.
  8. joshc

    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    Amazing to see this done so well, I tried a reproduction of the SE/30 box and only got as far as reproducing one side in Photoshop. Seeing as the SE/30 box is very similar, would you mind having a go at that one too? @quorten Photos for reference if you scroll down a bit: https://se30forever.com/design.html Perhaps out of scope of what you were trying to do here, but incidentally to get a complete SE reproduction we would also need to reproduce all of the manuals and other printed materials that came in the box (warranty sheet, etc).
  9. I did see them, thank you - very interesting to see a vintage Mac still in commercial use.
  10. Walk away. She will be in touch again after the collection has been sitting there for months unsold. I would also be very careful paying out that kind of money for a collection unless I saw everything in person and opened up every machine - how do you know half of them are not PRAM battery disasters or have other major problems?
  11. joshc

    Help with LCII Repair

    Yes, a new battery outputting 3.6v. Even tried swapping VRAM, RAM, CPU and PSU all with known good ones which is what lead me to think its a faulty IC. Where did you get a replacement EGRET chip from?
  12. joshc

    Help with LCII Repair

    Is this same chip used on the LC 475? I have an LC 475 with similar issues to the ones you described in this thread, it's recapped and been cleaned several times but doesn't output video and the chime is garbled, I have tried every avenue of diagnosis/troubleshooting so I am wondering if an IC is at fault.
  13. joshc

    La Porta's Finds

    Nice looking IIsi. Try retrobright on something you don't care about first, I did it on a perfect Classic II case and ended up with streaking even with the submersion method in water so I'm now wishing I hadn't tried... Good luck!
  14. joshc

    Eric's conquests

    That looks to be in lovely condition, great find! Hard to beat the design of those.
  15. joshc

    A very late 040

    Had a 6200 as a kid, and loved that thing. Not a road Apple either in my opinion my dad even used it as his primary graphic design workhorse before it was handed down to me. Sure, it wasn’t very fast compared to other options but I didn’t know better back then, I used to do a lot of Bryce rendering on it. For the most part, it could do what it was intended to. As has been said, it was a low end, low cost machine so I’m not sure what the point of criticising it ever was.