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  1. Huxley

    Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress

    I'm late to this party, but can't move on before adding myself to the list of people eagerly lining up to buy a few of these when they're ready! I've successfully deployed close to half-a-dozen SCSI2SD's now (both internal and external, installed in various Macs and two Amigas), but they're pretty wonky to configure and I'm always worried that I'm one small tweak away from ruining a working configuration. Given that I now own two NeXT machines which will need solid state storage sooner or later, not to mention an SGI, an HP/UX workstation, various other non-upgraded Macs, etc., I'm very excited to learn about this project Huxley
  2. Thanks to some extreme good Craigslist luck and a willingness to take a long drive, I’ve now joined a pretty cool club: I’m the owner of an Hewlett Packard PA-RISC 712/100 UNIX workstation! Obviously this is not a classic Mac, but as one of the few "white box" machines that supported NeXTSTEP (apparently done in part to entice HP to consider buying NeXT before Apple gobbled them up), it can be seen as a sort of distant cousin to the Apple family tree... This is a ~$15,000 (in 1995 dollars!) UNIX workstation built around HP's PA-7100LC CPU running at 100MHz. It featured HP’s insanely-clever “Color Recovery” system for displaying photorealistic graphics on an 8-bit graphics system. This particular model would've been the "top of the line" entry, sitting atop similar machines clocked at 60MHz and 80MHz. As the top-end version, this one runs faster and has 2 extra RAM slots. Along with running HP’s own HP/UX variant of UNIX operating system, these could also run Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD and coolest of all (and honestly the reason I’m so psyched) a special PA-RISC edition of NeXTSTEP! Along with the CPU and RAM noted above, the machine also has: - RS232 serial x 2 - Audio in/out - VGA - PS/2 keyboard & mouse support - Parallel port - Fast SCSI - Twisted Pair Ethernet - Cursed Ethernet There were some language barriers between me and the original owner I got it from, but he assured me that it has a working install of HP/UX 11 on one of the internal SCSI drives, and 64mb RAM. Until I get it running, I won't know how much VRAM it has, or what stuff may be found on those SCSI drives. I asked the original owner what kind of work he used to do on the machine, and he replied "computer work!" so it really is a mystery! Interestingly, the second SCSI drive isn’t actually connected to the machine. The original owner was very insistent that it just needs a “SCSI Y-cable” but I’m unsure if that’s actually a thing. Either way, I’m excited to explore this machine! I’ll end with a request: if anyone can share part numbers or info about the keyboard and mouse this would’ve used originally, I’d be grateful. Despite the presence of “standard” PS/2 ports, I’ve seen reports that these machines are very picky about needing the correct accessories, and I'd like to start searching for the right gear to use with this system. I'm also in need of an external SCSI CD-ROM drive which could work with this machine and/or my NeXT machines - if you happen to have one, let me know
  3. Huxley


    I have nothing to contribute here, other than my sheer astonishment and delight that a WalkMac is alive and running in 2020. I have vivid memories of reading about this thing in some Mac-centric magazine when I was a kid (maybe a mention or write-up in MacWorld or another magazine of that era), and just being blown away at the idea of using Mac software on a crazy-cool orange plasma display. I'm so happy that this machine has been saved from whatever sad fate presumably befell most of the other WalkMacs that would've existed back in the day. Please keep sharing any further developments or discoveries about this machine! Huxley
  4. Huxley

    NeXT Cube and NeXTStation TurboColor

    I'm honestly a little torn on this - part of me kinda loves that it has 'battle scars' from 30+ years of use, but then I see pics of some of the Cubes which have been professionally repainted and they look stunning and I start to think that I'll go that direction... I dunno. H.
  5. Thanks to an outstanding package put together by our own @archer174 + amazingly generous encouragement and support from my wife, I'm now the overjoyed, can't-really-believe-his-luck owner of a pair of gorgeous NeXT computers: a NeXT Cube (well, technically a "NeXT Computer" since this one is a very early revision from before they were formally called the Cube), and a NeXT TurboColor workstation. I'll try attaching a couple pics to this thread (always a bit hit-or-miss for me), but tons of detail and additional pics can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/ssBpdz0
  6. Huxley

    NeXTStation Video Problem

    Hooray, congrats on a fantastic ending to this story! I've had zero hands-on experience with NeXT machines* but I did wonder: as a Unix(ish) machine, would it have been possible to connect to it via Serial and access it via a boot monitor or something like that? I did this for my SGI Indigo2 machine last summer when I wanted to see if it could boot but lacked a compatible sync-on-green monitor to connect it to. I used a Serial-to-USB adapter and was able to see it booting via a Terminal window on my MacBook Pro, which was super helpful. Would this trick work on a NeXT machine too, if you can't otherwise get a good image from it? H. *If all goes well, this will be changing in the immediate future...
  7. Huxley

    An SE/30 Thought Experiment

    Daydreaming today about building THE ULTIMATE SE/30 got me wondering: is there any combination of upgrades and add-ons for the SE/30 which would result in having a CPU upgrade + internal greyscale + internal Ethernet? I feel like many upgraded SE/30's have one or (sometimes) two of those, but is having all three at once (without 'cheating' with something like a SCSI-to-Ethernet box) even possible? Hmmm... Huxley
  8. Hi guys! I'm having a blast getting my 'new' Performa 575 kitted out and running smoothly. I was up late last night getting my new external SCSI2SD configured - took a few tries but I've now got it partitioned with System 7.6 installed from CD, which is great. I've also installed an Ethernet PDS card, though I don't know yet if it's working (the LED is on which is a good sign at least). I'd like to max out the VRAM on this machine so I can get "thousands" of colors vs. the 256 it can currently do. I swear I saw VRAM sticks for this machine being sold new somewhere recently but for the life of me I can't find them again - can anyone help lead me in the right direction? Thanks! Huxley
  9. Huxley


    Haha, that's totally fair - I couldn't help referencing this stupid meme that I keep chuckling at whenever I see it... OMG, now I need to do this! Quick, away to the Trading Post, to see if I can secure one of these goofy little modem gadgets!! Hahahaha dammit, now I have a totally-practical reason to justify getting a 3D printer! Look what you've done!! Huxley
  10. Huxley


    The eagle-eyed among us may notice that there's a small but meaningful difference between the two pics I posted up above: the Monkey Island pic was taken first (note that the case is pretty dirty, as I hadn't really cleaned it up yet), and the side-by-side pic was taken after I did a quick cleanup job on the 575's case... during which I stupidly(?) removed the front plate (which covers the CD and floppy drives) to get some gunk and dust out, and a small chunk of the left edge of the front fascia literally crumbled to pieces as it popped off. The plastics on this machine are beyond "brittle" and are now better classified as "dried clay." I learned a sad lesson: don't bother trying to deep-clean these machines, just do what you can with a cleaning cloth and let it be. H.
  11. Huxley


    Kinda have to agree. The design / style elements clearly share a lot of DNA, but the Color Classic is so elegant and refined, and the Performa 575 looks weirdly... mutated? Like a Color Classic that took a LOT of roids and skipped leg day for years...
  12. Meme titles aside, I could not be more excited to now own a Performa 575! This happened last week, as a result of an astonishing act of generosity by @JRL (who donated the 'body' of the Performa, which was in good shape but lacking a motherboard), and an excellent transaction with @hyperneogeo (who sold me a recapped Performa 575 motherboard). The fact that either of those things happened at all is pretty remarkable, but the fact that they both happened on the same day and locally (so no shipping was required) is borderline-insane. Our own @maceffects even reached out to me with an offer of a very-reasonably-priced Ethernet card for the Performa and I've already ordered a new SCSI2SD for it from @inertialcomputing, so it should be fully functional within the next week or so. I did perform a quick test (using the SCSI2SD currently attached to the Color Classic II seen above) and the Performa 575 runs like a champ:
  13. Huxley

    Color Classic Restore

    WOOHOO! Congrats, that's a fantastic update! Love seeing a Color Classic coming back to life Huxley
  14. Huxley

    Hastily designed VGA adapter for Mac Plus

    This is super cool. I have no horse in this race, can't really picture a use-case for this in my world, and I'm still beyond psyched to read about the concept and progress here, and if it ever turned into a commercial offering I'd almost certainly snap one up just for the cool-factor. Nice work! Huxley
  15. Huxley

    Power Mac G4 with Sonnet upgrade

    Badass machine! Really cool to see such a high-clockspeed CPU upgrade in there - congrats