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  1. hyperneogeo

    Odd PDS Card

    Seems to be made by Apple. Called the Carnation III ICE. Some sort of processor tester via the PDS slot?
  2. hyperneogeo

    Found some Lisa diskettes

    No idea, but they are from my dad's floppy disk pile. He had a LISA as a work computer a long time ago and they bought them when they were new.
  3. Are these useful for anything? I mean are there people that collect these?
  4. hyperneogeo

    2 Odd Nubus Video Cards

    Interesting, yeah I'll plug them in soon. thanks!
  5. Found 2 cards in a lot. One says Paintboard LI and the other says Pickles 24 BUG. Any ideas on these? Thanks!
  6. hyperneogeo

    Radius SE Accelerator 630-5020-D

    Ah, thanks! Then I'll most likely chuck it in a marketplace thread.
  7. hyperneogeo

    Radius SE Accelerator 630-5020-D

    Found one of these at a recycle shop. I was wondering if they can be upgraded to a 030? And second how much do these usually go for? Thanks!
  8. hyperneogeo

    Odd Quadra Motherboard

    OK, I went ahead and booted it up and it reported it was 33mhz. I looked at the crystal and it was indeed a 16 something crystal..however it looked like someone replaced it with that one. Do you think I should put it back to 20mhz?
  9. hyperneogeo

    Odd Power Macintosh 7xxx? Setup

    The bios/rom read it as a Power Macintosh 8500
  10. hyperneogeo

    Odd Power Macintosh 7xxx? Setup

    Sure. It's also worth noting that the card itself has 300 mhz crossed out and 400 mhz put into it's place. I was curious, so I looked underneath the heatsink and it was a a 300mhz EV Engineering Sample with 1MB cache. So I guess they overclocked it.
  11. hyperneogeo

    Odd Power Macintosh 7xxx? Setup

    it has a copyright 1996,1997 on it. and something that says 09782. Possibly a date code? Dunno
  12. hyperneogeo

    Odd Power Macintosh 7xxx? Setup

    Unfortunately the HDD was DOA. It's completely dead, so I'm trying to swap HDD pcbs on it to see if that works. (I tried a direct swap with another one and it booted, but I think the head is messed up or something) In other news, I booted the Mac up with MacTest and the following came out of it: It read the model as a Power Macintosh 8500 with a Production date of Jan 2nd 1989 lol. The CPU card is an Apple 604EV 400mhz card Interesting to say the least!
  13. hyperneogeo

    Odd Quadra Motherboard

    I picked them up in a big lot with a lot of other things, so it's hard to say.
  14. hyperneogeo

    Odd Power Macintosh 8100 motherboard

    Oh I know that, I'm curious about the model number there..the AP2430
  15. hyperneogeo

    Odd Quadra Motherboard

    I honestly thought nothing of it when I picked them up. I saw a bunch in a pile, saw they had 68040 processors on it and was like "Could always use those!" Weird...