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  1. I use a SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB, Micro SDHC.
  2. This is what happened last night. I re-formatted all the ’SCSI2SD disks’, four of them in total and 2GB each, with FWB HDT 2.0.6. Then I switched to the JackHammer. At first, nothing happened, grey screen with the mouse pointer. I removed two Digidesign cards, and the system would start. I then manage to install the JackHammer Control Panel, and then I did some bench tests in FWB HDT in two set-ups. First, no options checked. (Please note, my SCSI2SD drive ID is named ‘QUANTUM FIREBALL*’) Last, all options checked. The SCSI2SD 5.1 in my IIfx is not even close to @joethezombie performance with the SCSI2SD v.6, but at least it seems to be functional. However, I think its time to get a new PSU, because every time I cold boot, the system won't start (grey screen with the mouse pointer). It takes at least two start-up procedures, with the JackHammer installed, every time if I leave it off for a while. FWB Disk Driver is that something that comes bundled with FWB Hard Disk Toolkit? The closest thing I can find is ’FWB SCSI Configure’. Cheers!
  3. Definitely, thanks! Which Nubus slot do you use for the Hammer? How many drives do you emulate? And how do you terminate the SCSI2SD v6 together with the Hammer? Have you done something extra with the SCSI2SD utility? I’m gonna try it again and upgrade the drives with FWB Toolkit. Externally, internally or both? But a Turbo 601 in an IIci should? Thanks to everyone! I’m gonna do some more test with what I have learned today! /K
  4. Well, I switched to a SCSI2SD 5.1 it worked for a while, but it lowered the performance further until I switched to 32-bit memory and started to get bus errors at startup. I also tried them in two different IIci:s, with and without a Turbo 601 and SCSI 4.3 activated, with varied results. Sometimes I got a grey screen at startup, and occasionally it would merely freeze halfway through. What performance increase would you usually gain from a JackHammer?
  5. I’m currently testing two identical JackHammer cards (3.2) to see in what condition they are. But I’m not sure if my set up is optimal. I thought an IIfx would be a decent candidate to test them with, but I’m not getting any increased performance (I get approximately 1,15 MB/sec R/W with a Seagate HD 160SC). I have tried different setups in the JackHammer control panel, and both cards behave precisely the same. I have followed all instructions in the manual (I think). However, I suspect some kind of termination issue since I’m getting error messages when testing the SCSI chain in Lido, and Snooper won’t recognise the name of the drive, and Mac Bench 3.0 can’t even put it to the test it (it’s greyed out).
  6. Good looking schematics! (to at least a laymen like myself). Your revitalizing work with the Quadra 900/950 PSU makes me want to pursue my quest for a Quadra 9XX even harder than before! Thank you!
  7. ktkm

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Nice! I’m also very interested. Put me down for two of the IIcx version when it’s ready.
  8. SuperMac Spectrum Power•1152 graphics card with weird red artefacts (the HD icon labels) that appear after being connected to an AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor for 5–10 min. (The card works great with an Apple Studio Display.) Sound familiar?
  9. I love monologues (and the effort of course)! And better yet, the day I get hold of Quadra 900/950 this will be gold! Keep it up!
  10. Thank you @AwkwardPotato That is the best guess so far.
  11. ktkm

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    That did it! Now, for the first time ever, I can print from system 7.1 to my OKI C841! Thank you so much! By enabling the EtherTalk protocol in the printer menu /Admin/Network Setup/EtherTalk) everything works like a charm! I have always assumed EtherTalk was active since it was listed together with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX (who are active by default). Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups!
  12. ktkm

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    This sounds interesting! I have an Oki C841 that I have been trying to hook up, but never made it.
  13. The video suddenly became raggedy and stripy in right edges of windows, menus, and other GUI elements (only when displaying millions of colours). Upon closer inspection, I found a blown ceramic capacitor on the back of the card. I thought I replace it, but I don‘t know the value, or where to retrieve it. Where can I find such information? Help much appreciated. Here is a picture. I tested the traces close the blown capacitor, and they are fine.
  14. I have never heard that sound from a PPC, sounds like something went really wrong!?
  15. This would be a perfect opportunity for 68k genius to figure it out (I have a Turbo 601 and extra SE/30 standing by for that day).