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  1. rushfan82

    Macintosh 128k replacement went (almost) perfectly!

    I have two boards for it, one is an upgraded 512k board from another computer, the one I fixed is the original one to the machine.
  2. Picked up a boxed 128k a week or so ago and it came with both its original board and a spare that had been upgraded to 512k. I ordered some new tools and some sockets and 4164 chips, and after a few hours and some minor troubleshooting, it works great! This is my first time replacing something like this so I'm super proud of myself. Going to do the analog board next!
  3. rushfan82

    Macintosh 128k Analog Board Recapping

    Will do. Thank you all.
  4. I am beginning the process of recapping the analog board on my 128k after the RIFA exploded, and was hoping to gain some knowledge because according the list of caps on this Google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/132RwzC8HM5ask-BdY_31txErOCwJDSkz099GY2XLpE0/edit?usp=drivesdk The caps used are different than what's on my board. The capacitance is the same, but the voltages on some, such as C1, is 25V on my board vs on the sheet it's 100v. Should I follow what's on my board? Or follow the sheet since a higher voltage capacitor shouldn't really make a difference, right? I've also ordered a new flyback transformer just in case.
  5. rushfan82

    Macintosh 128k Smoke and Keyboard issues

    So it turns out the keyboard issues were software related. In system 3 the keyboard works exactly as it should.
  6. rushfan82

    Macintosh 128k Smoke and Keyboard issues

    Thanks for the reply, I've ordered new capacitors for the sweep board from Mouser. In regards to the keyboard though, is this an issue with software? Or is this a hardware issue? I have the number pad as well and two cables for each and neither work, in any configuration.
  7. Hello all, I just bought a Macintosh 128k, and am having issue with the keyboard, or any system program that uses the keyboard (notepad, key caps) There is no input at all, and when opening the programs, cause the system to freeze and the screen to display garbage. The motherboard is a replacement with a 512k mod. I have the original and plan to swap the bad RAM this weekend. It's worth noting that I got my boot disks from rescuemyclassicmac, and the only disk that works is the Guided Tour disk, system 1.1 does not work, it just hangs on the welcome screen. As I wrote this, I turned off the computer and something popped loudly and blew up, spewing smoke everywhere. I took it outside and took it apart, but I couldn't find anything that looked blown. Nervously, I plugged it back in, and it just booted perfectly as if nothing happened. Loaded straight into the tour disk. Should I recap the power board or leave it? What could've popped? Thanks for any help. The computer is currently sitting outside unplugged.
  8. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    I've recapped everything, reseated the rom countless times, no chime.
  9. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    So I'm narrowing down on bad ram, as I notice that the screen patterns change whether I install my two 1MB sticks or the two 4 MB sticks, versus no additional RAM at all. Is it really worth it to go this far and replace integrated ram, or should I just call it a day and try to sell it? I already had a hard enough time soldering the new capacitors to the logic board, I can't even imagine trying to replaced the ram... those solder pads are tiny.
  10. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    How would the flyback be an issue if the CRT is working correctly?
  11. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    I installed the 8MB of RAM I bought for it and now it does this, after displaying vertical lines for a while. Reset sometimes makes it change between vertical lines and this. I've also installed a new PRAM battery.
  12. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    So I've replaced every capacitor and cleaned everything as best I could, still no luck, same issue. I haven't replaced the diodes but I'm not suspecting them as the voltages are now a perfect 5v and 12v. Could this be bad RAM? I have attached an image with what is displays after recapping.
  13. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    I have begun the process of recapping everything, and I'd like to replace the two diodes on the analog board. Which ones should I buy? Is there a schematic somewhere of the analog board on this machine? Thanks!
  14. rushfan82

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    Hello all, I recently acquired a Classic II and am trying to get in running. Currently it displays just garbage on the screen, or vertical lines. I've put the motherboard through the dishwasher and have a new cap set on the way, even so the fluid leaks were very minimal on the board and it appears to be in good shape. All to no avail, as it still displays vertical lines. I decided to test the power output, and it is at 11.7v on the 12v rail, and 4.8v on the 5v rail. Does the analog board need to be recapped as well? Thanks for any advice!
  15. Hello again, I was cleaning out my G3 because the inside metal was covered in dust, and I am having problems with the hinge that is underneath the logic board (A big plastic sorta plate). When I went to close the case with it attached, I had to use all my force to get it back open, which caused me to break the nice little handle on the front of the side. However, if I don't put the screws in and try to open it, it opens just like it should, except for the plate comes loose if you try to close and open it again. Does anyone know how this plate is supposed to be installed? I would like to restore this thing without breaking it anymore... Picture of the plastic plate in question: http://i.imgur.com/UY7j3tY.jpg