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  1. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Recap gone right?

    It'll likely be fine, those tants don't tend to take anything with them when they go, unless a component is very near and gets heat damaged, which is not the case here.
  2. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Mac Classic 2 bodge wire

    Not to drag it too off-topic, but just to clarify, "bodge" in my view refers to the fact something in the final PCB design was "bodged", and had to be fixed after the fact. It's not in reference to the quality of said fix.
  3. Daniël Oosterhuis

    SE/30 project

    Ouch, the shipping does put a damper on it. Tell you what, just let the auction run its course, if it doesn't sell there I can look at what I'd offer for it, if that's alright.
  4. Daniël Oosterhuis

    SE/30 project

    Is the SE/30 board on eBay, or somewhere else? I'm always interested in SE/30 parts boards in Europe
  5. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Mac Classic 2 bodge wire

    The bodge wire is a factory fix, most Classic II boards of that revision have it.
  6. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Mac Plus or Mac SE?

    If you don't want to drop the dough on the peripherals, there are ways around it. This blog post links to a PS/2 keyboard -> Mac 128k/512k/Plus converter, based on an Arduino (of which a clone is $5 or less), as well as a simple adapter for using Atari ST or Amiga mice. That might be a more affordable and sensible option, given how crazy 128k/512k/Plus mice and keyboard have gotten.
  7. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Daniël's Conquests

    Got this Quadra in a few days ago, as the 68k brother to the 6100. It's a Quadra 610, fitted with 28MB of RAM (4MB onboard, one stick of 16MB and one stick of 8MB), as well as the full 1MB of VRAM (512KB onboard, two sticks of 256KB) and a 1080MB IBM Pegasus SCSI-2 HDD. Now, if you thought the Quadra 700 was inadequately packaged, this one was much, much worse. The seller used a similar box, but practically no packaging worth a damn. He put the Quadra diagonally in the box, as that was the only way it fit. It sat with the back of the computer against one of the bottom sides, and with the front of the computer to one of the top sides. It was wrapped in a bath towel, yes, a bath towel, with some airpacks and cardboard packaging material thrown loosely in the box, practically serving no purpose to protect the Macintosh. Like I mentioned though, PostNL is fairly gentle on packages, and only three small chunks of the deeply yellowed and brittle back panel came off. That plastic is really awful and fragile as it is, just like on the 6100, so with the packing job, I think that's really not that bad. What is annoying is that clearly some bits of plastic were already missing as I didn't find the chunks for those, specifically the clip on one of the sides where the latch clips on. With that gone, that side is just loose. Good thing it's a horizontal pizzabox machine, where gravity (and maybe a monitor, although knowing the brittleness of the plastic, no CRT!) will keep it in place. The good news is that it works, even though the caps have leaked. The leakage seemed fairly fresh, and a small patch that bubbled with the computer turned on came off easily with some alcohol and a good scrub. No damage to the traces, so it should be a relatively easy recap job. With this machine, I now have five machines capable of running A/UX, once I get all of them up and running I really ought to do something with all of them
  8. Daniël Oosterhuis

    "New" 68-pin VRAM modules?

    Just recently there was a thread about recreating the 6100 PDS card riser, to allow an HPV card to be installed. The OP also was interested in recreating the 68-pin VRAM sticks, as those cards use them too. However, I believe the problem was with sourcing the appropriate RAM ICs.
  9. Daniël Oosterhuis

    My new SE/30

    The bodge fix is factory done, I believe. It's far too neat for whoever did that cap job, anyways. As for the trace, yes, scrape the oxidized section clean to copper, tin it, and preferably coat it with UV solder mask or conformal coating for the best protection. A tip for tinning is to use a piece of spent solder braid, and some flux applied to the trace, to apply a nice, even coating of solder. That's a trick I learned from Bruce from the Branchus Creations channel on YouTube.
  10. As you might have recently seen, I've acquired a Quadra 700 that seemingly had a dead power supply. I've since done some more testing, and I'd like to know whether I just got a case of bad caps, or something more. In the machine, when powering up, the speaker would make some pops, each spaced out a second or so, with the LED flickering with each one. I later noticed the PSU fan would also twitch during those pops. I've taken out the power supply, and tried running it on its own by shorting pin 9 and 10, which makes this PSU turn on. It will loudly click every few seconds, with the fan trying to spin up inbetween clicks. The voltage rails don't really get to go to full power, they swing around 3V (-3V on the -12V rail) while the PSU is forced on. Reading on 68kMLA, I did see mentions of a diode that could cause the power supply to fail powering on, hence why I'm wondering if it's truly bad caps. The PSU is a Astec AA15831. Has anyone here ever had that PSU with the same or similar behavior, and have you been able to diagnose/fix it? I'd love to get the original PSU going again, but if it's going to get too complex, I might do what others have done and retrofit it with a modern PSU. Thanks in advance for any help, tips and suggestions!
  11. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Daniël's Conquests

    In hindsight, yeah, I should have had more packing material and a bigger box, but in my defense, this was packed with the Dutch postal service in mind. My track record with them has been nothing short of excellent when it comes to package handling, I've had sellers do truly garbage packing jobs (or lack there of!), which still did not destroy the contents. A free Lian Li PC60 case for example, the seller was willing to ship it if I paid for that, and it was just set in a box and shipped like that. Not a single dent on it. So my aim was to make the Quadra 700 just not shift around in the box, which for PostNL should make it safe enough. Might be a good reason to use it in the Quadra 800, with its higher NuBus slot count. Though, that said, I don't really have any plans to get NuBus cards with current market rates, but who knows what will come my way.
  12. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Daniël's Conquests

    My Quadra 700 arrived today! I got it after offering the seller with the whole boatload of 68k and beige PowerPC Macs on Marktplaats to ship him a box he could ship it to me in. I've wanted to get into YouTubing about my old Macs and other computers, so the unboxing and initial inspection of the Mac is how I'm kicking off the channel!
  13. Daniël Oosterhuis

    3D Printed Floppy Gears from Shapeways

    From what I've seen, Shapeways uses industrial grade, laser-based 3D printers, quite a step up from the average tinkerer's 3D printer. The particular ones I've seen from their videos and photos are EOS Formiga P100 and EOS Eosint P395 machines.
  14. Daniël Oosterhuis

    Macintosh SE/30 Schematics (modernization effort)

    Another thing I'd love to see on a new board, is a separate crystal for the FPU. On the main system, I believe a lot of things are hanging on the same crystal oscillator, thus the FPU can't easily be replaced with a faster one with its own crystal to run asynchronous, which I believe should be possible if it is given its own. Would it add a lot of performance? No, but, it's the benchmark bragging rights you get, and parts and space wise I don't think a crystal, its caps and the traces should take up much space at all.