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  1. Antoshig

    Mac Plus Sad Mac Repair

    I have both the Arduino Mega and a Raspberry Pi B. I am not a good coder, does anyone have a programme I can upload on the Arduino or Raspberry? I can do the wiring but I just need the schematic as well.
  2. Antoshig

    Mac Plus Sad Mac Repair

    drybones99I sanded down the rom pins just like you said even though my roms weren't corroded and still hasn't solved the issue I don't have an extender for the power cable coming from the Analog Board so it would be difficult for me to test the voltages outside the case. Maybe if I disassemble the Mac Plus from the case. But I doubt it's the voltage. I tested the leads on the external scsi port and I get the right voltages same as in LARRY PINA's BOOK. and mraroid The inside of the Macintosh Plus was in good shape apart from the dust. I vacuumed out the LogicBoard and the AnalogBoard then I cleaned it with contact cleaner. I sprayed it on a Q-tip and worked my way in between the chips. I didn't want to do clean it with a Dishwasher, because I am scared to drown it in water and damage the PCB. I was thinking to buy the Mac Rom-inator from BMOW as a replacement for the Rom I have now. I want to be certain it's the Rom before I make my decision to buy the kit. Thank you for the reply guys. I will try every possible method to try and fix the issue so keep the posts coming. I'm all ears.
  3. Antoshig

    Mac Plus Sad Mac Repair

    I purchased a Mac plus online from someone for a few bucks because it wasn’t working, so I decided to repair it myself plus it would be a great opportunity to learn about computers since I am pursuing in that field. I am having trouble with it. Symptoms: At startup the chime sound comes on, but I get a sad mac icon with a checksum of 0101A0 with some morse code on the bottom. Steps I took to try and solve the issue: I looked it up and it’s a ROM test failure. I tried resoldered the ROM sockets, but with no avail. I also tried replacing the simms with new ones, still didn't work. I checked the voltage coming from the power supply they were all good. I did more research about ROM’s and found out you could read the data and analyse with some ROM images from the internet to see the integrity of the data. In order to read the ROM, I would need a EPROM programmer which I don’t have. I need help in fixing the Mac Plus. I'll put some picture for reference. It's my first time posting on this Forum. Thank you