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  1. Quadra

    IIfx power switch

    It`s restored!
  2. Quadra

    IIfx power switch

    Looks like it's this one: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?mpart=L212132MV02Q
  3. Today I bought a Macintosh II that turned out to have a IIfx motherboard inside! So, besides my regular IIfx, I now have another IIfx in disguise. It doesn`t work though. Needs new batteries and caps. The caps have leaked a bit, but there seems to be no damage. Luckily, the Maxell bombs didn`t explode. The power switch is broken. The top is gone. Does anybody know if that part still can be bought somewhere?
  4. Quadra

    Suprise found in a Quadra 700

    Spectre VR, an 68k game that runs smooth in 68k mode, runs chopped in PPC mode. It's unplayable. Fat binary games like Wolf3d or Pathways run much better in PPC mode. For Wolf3d, 512 screen size is playable in PPC mode vs just 320 screen size in 68k mode.
  5. Quadra

    Suprise found in a Quadra 700

    When I turned on a Quadra 700 that I just bought, it made a weird startup sound that I didn`t know. I thought there was something wrong with it. A "Power Macintosh 700" it was. When I opened it, I found that card inside. Later I noticed that the cards empty box was among the stuff that came with the Quadra. So I pulled it out of the computer and put it in the box. No need for a 50 Mhz Power Mac.
  6. Quadra

    Another Laserwriter

    I have a LaserWriter NT. I tested it once, but the testing paper was mostly dark. So I disposed the cartridge. I`m not in a hurry to clean and restore it, since there must be lots of fine toner dust inside. It`s in nice condition though.
  7. Quadra

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    What I do: Win 10 PC + USB zip drive 100 => PC format Zip disk Q700 Sys 7.5 with the iomega extension + SCSI zip drive 100 => read/write PC formatted Zip disks
  8. Quadra

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    With 7.1, I always used a control panel "DOS Bestandsuitwisseling" ("DOS file exchange") system prog FN7.1P5, that I saparatelly installed. Made June-10-1993. That works with PC 1.44MB, but not ZIP. But I like 7.5 with its nicer backgrounds and Apple Menu, I`ll keep it. I will find the Dutch version one day Back in the day, our Performa 475 had System 7.1, but also a control panel called "Performa" that added some 7.5 features to 7.1 like the backgrounds and the help menu. It doesn`t work on something else than a Performa though. Btw, that QS 733 that I was going to buy, turned out to be dead, so I got it for free. Luckily it wasn`t a far drive and its case is still perfect.
  9. Quadra

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    That's what I did then, installing 7.5 on the Q700. Works fine. Reads PC zips now. On the downside, its the English version, I haven't found the Dutch 7.5 yet. 7.1 was a Dutch version I had for more than 20 years.
  10. Quadra

    Zip 100mb from a Win 10 PC to a Mac sys 7.1

    If there is a point where Mac could read PC formatted zips, OS9 can read them? With a bridge machine it will be solved. That QS DP I have is an OSX system. I am picking op another QS (733) next week that I want to turn into an OS9 machine and I`m going to install a IDE zip into it.
  11. I have a USB drive that works on a Win 10 PC and a SCSI drive that works on a Q700 with system 7.1. They can`t read the other ones formatted disks though. (they can with a 1.44mb floppy) Is it possible to transfer files via Zip 100 from a modern PC (or Mac) to an old Mac?
  12. Quadra

    Removing IIci motherboard

    OK got it out. Just use a lot of force.
  13. I have bought a IIci. I want to remove the motherboard but I can`t slide it all the way to lift it out. I watched this video: So I removed the speaker and the reset switches, but I can`t slide it all the way. Just one mm before I could take it out, it blocks. Am I missing something?
  14. I have had a greenish screen connecting an IBM 15" lcd to a Q700. Trying different adapters and settings didn't help. A Viewsonic 15" lcd gave no problems though.
  15. The quadra 700 only uses 256k vram chips. Six slots filled, gives you 2mb total (512k on board). It takes 512k's but only sees 256k of them.