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  1. quinterro

    iPhone 6 64GB

    This was initially my wife's phone for a couple of years. When her mother's iPhone 4s was having issues we upgraded her to an iPhone 8 Plus. She loved the speed of it compared to the iPhone 4s but it was too big for her to comfortably handle. My wife swapped phones with her and they were both happy. Last week after several months of exterme slowness and battery issues we upgraded her mom's phone to an iPhone SE (2020) 128GB and she is happy again. I get to tinker with a "recent" iPhone that nobody is dependent on. I ordered a replacement battery and installed it this evening. So far the phone works great but I have to calibrate the battery. Surprisingly the screen isn't cracked. It does have a glass screen protector on it and the edges of it are chipped.
  2. quinterro


    Yesterday morning I used the MacBook for a while and found out that the fan wasn't spinning after it slowed down to a crawl. Took it apart again last night and found that the fan housing was pushed in on one side, causing the fan to not spin at all. After fixing the fan and putting the MacBook together again I played a game on it for an hour. Much to my relief the fan kicked in and I didn't have any issues with the laptop slowing down. I did find a place to put one of the leftover screws so I'm down to one.
  3. quinterro


    Either it was really resilient or I just don't do a good job of vacuuming. After removing the keyboard/wrist rest I found the cause of the fan noise - the small piece of foam that covers the two temperature sensor connectors had moved and decided to rest in top of the fan enclosure. After putting it back where it was supposed to be and reassembling the laptop the fan noise is gone! While it was apart the first time I cleaned it out since it hadn't been opened up since it was new, cleaned off the processor and heat sink and applied new thermal paste and it runs a lot quieter.
  4. quinterro


    I was removing the battery from the MacBook after first bringing the laptop home and a screw fell out from that area. Not knowing where it came from I wrapped it in blue painter's tape and attached it to the lid. Shortly before swapping bottoms another screw appeared and I taped that one to the lid as well. Strangely enough just before swapping the bottoms I found another screw that I know didn't come from the MacBook on the carpet. Turns out it was from one of my ThinkPad T500 laptops that fell out of the hard drive cover months ago and survived several vacuuming sessions.
  5. quinterro


    I bought a replacement bottom case and installed it. Only took 3+ hours. Even with making notes as to where every screw went I still had two left... After getting everything back together I powered it on and heard the fan spinning and rubbing against its enclosure. I get to take it apart again, but fortunately not as much as was needed to swap bottom cases.
  6. quinterro


    Thanks for the heads up! I have an iBook G4 and a Lombard for PowerPC applications, but to be honest it's been years since I have used one of my Macs. The 2 x 2Gb DIMMs from the old Dell laptop worked great. Currently Lion is installed along with Windows 7 Home Premium via BootCamp. I'm going to have to put the 500GB hard drive in the MacBook though. I assigned 35GB out of the original 80GB drive to Windows but it's down to about 5GB free after installing 200+ updates and installing some of the software I use for development. After seeing how little free space was left I didn't bother installing the remainder of the software. Installing a larger hard drive will allow me to have multiple Mac OS X partitions as well as a larger Windows partition. I saw some posts on other sites about installing newer versions of Mac OS X but would like to have a version installed that needs no fiddling with to work.
  7. quinterro


    The power supply works and the laptop battery and Mac OS 10.6 is installed. It does run a bit warm though. Given that it still has the original memory and hard drive it probably needs to be taken apart and cleaned out.
  8. quinterro


    I have 2 x 2GB in an older Dell laptop that I want to try. If that doesn't work the memory kits on eBay are pretty cheap. I have ordered a power supply for it that should be here tomorrow. Can't wait to get it so I can do a proper install of Mac OS 10.6. Will upgrade to 10.7 after that. There is also a 500Gb hard drive waiting to be installed depending on how well the MacBook runs.
  9. quinterro


    The blue tape is there to keep a screw that I found when I removed the battery until I figure out where it came from. The laptop on the bottom is a ThinkPad T500 for comparison.
  10. quinterro


    I found a MacBook on Craig's list for $20. Picked it up this morning and it looks like a laptop that cost $20. It's a late 2006 Model with the original 1gb memory and 80GB hard drive with 10.6.8 installed. I'll need to get a power supply for it since it didn't come with one. The bottom case is cracked and the palm rest exhibits the typical cracking of the edges common to MacBooks of this era. Mac OS X needs to be reinstalled since it is missing things like system preferences, system information, etc.
  11. quinterro

    iPhone 4

    Considering I don't normally use iOS devices it's an easy mistake to make. I thought she had that phone for a long time - apparently not as long as I thought. The main reason I wanted to keep the phone was to become more familiar with a more recent version of iOS. That way I can be at least somewhat informed when she is having issues with her iPhone 6.
  12. quinterro

    iPhone 4

    iOS 9 is occasionally sluggish on the phone and is quite different than 4.2.1 on my old iPod touch. 9.3.4 is as high as it Will go.
  13. quinterro

    iPhone 4

    After my mother-in-law dealt with a flaky iPhone 4 for way too long we finally upgraded her to an iPhone 8 Plus and I got to keep her old phone. No cracks or scratches and is running iOS 9.3.5 Way too tiny for my big fingers. I attempted to use it for iTunes but apparently things have changed since I last used my extremely old iPod Touch 2nd generation - attempting to play an album will play part of a song or open Apple Music and not play any other tracks. It's tempting to try to use it as a phone but given the issues she was having with the phone I may have to pass.
  14. May have to try this - I had a DVD Combo drive in my iBook G4 1.33ghz 12" and managed to find a SuperDrive from an iBook G4 14". After the swap it wouldn't mount any discs either. I have no interest at the moment to disassemble it yet again to swap it back right now...
  15. quinterro


    That could probably be said for any computer manufacturer, not just Acer. I can recall several Dell, HP and Gateway laptops in the past that I have worked on that had issues with the hinges and others that were prone to motherboard failures. No laptop flambes on this end yet. Now as far as recent laptops, the Chromebook and an Aspire model that was bought for a sales guy at work are the most recent models I have worked with. The Aspire seemed nice enough but I haven't used it long enough to see how well it would work. They have also bought several HP Stream 13 laptops for the sales people to use while they are at trade shows to allow them to remote into their workstation. They love them - just the right size and weight. Since the sales guys don't work locally the 32GB storage is just fine for them.