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  1. Brett B.

    Need help desoldering SE/30 RAM SIMM connectors

    If I was dealing with broken clips I'd be real tempted to hot glue the RAM sticks in place. Just a little dab on both ends would hold it and it's 100% removable, and a LOT easier and safer than replacing the connectors.
  2. Brett B.

    Macintosh 128k replacement went (almost) perfectly!

    My 512k was upgraded to Plus specs, I'd probably undo that if I ran across a 512k board/400k drive but it's just parts swapping at that point. I don't know if I'd go as far as undoing permanent upgrades just to downgrade... what's done is done is my MO.
  3. Long time before POST is normal, especially if you've got a decent amount of memory installed... it's just performing a memory check. Mine take forever; they have 768MB. If you don't want to wait, you can hit Command, Control, Power right after the chime and it will skip the memory check. See these two posts about those messages you're getting... it's the open firmware prompt. Usually you never see that and don't need to mess with it unless you're installing OS X. http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20031208155258818 https://lowendmac.com/2012/how-to-recover-from-a-beige-g3-startup-error/
  4. You should be able to use any ROM version on any board...it is really only relevant to the IDE bus. Maybe see what your jumpers are set to on the CD and HDD... IDE is very simple... you can do master, slave, or cable select, with a maximum of two devices per channel normally but only one per channel with a revision A ROM. You can have master/slave, slave/master, cs/cs but NOT master/master, slave/slave. I think you have to use cable select with rev A ROMs... seems like it gets confused if you set it to master or slave IIRC.
  5. What does your IDE setup look like? Single drives per channel or multiple? What ROM revision do you have? I'm assuming you don't have any SCSI devices installed in the system? Rev A ROMs are limited to one IDE device per channel... B and C are not. These things are really reliable, well designed machines but they have a few quirks.
  6. Just curious... could it be a stuck key on the keyboard? Have you tried a different keyboard or no keyboard at all?
  7. Brett B.

    Network laser printer for old / modern Macs?

    My LaserWriter 12/640PS works on damn near any OS... if I can't connect to it through Ethernet, I can use serial... I can print to it from Windows 10 or Mac OS 7 or anything in between. Very flexible printer.
  8. Brett B.

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    I honestly don't know. I imagine there are drivers that will work in 8.6, less likely in 8.5, much less likely in 8.1. ATI drivers have some quirks, especially if you get into flahed PC video cards and stuff like that. All that said, I can't imagine many scenarios where you would want to run anything less than 9.2.2 on a G3. It is very snappy on mine at 433MHz and 768MB RAM... even if you had a 233MHz CPU and 256MB RAM, it should run acceptably well. The only time I could see using OS 8 would be if you had a particular piece of software that does not work in OS 9.
  9. Brett B.

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    My favorite upgrades for a beige G3 are a USB card, 10/100 ethernet, and a faster video card (Radeon 7000 is easy to find and inexpensive.) That will use up all of your PCI slots. I have IDE 120GB hard drives in both of mine, via the onboard controller. SCSI2SD using the onboard SCSI controller would be another good option. A PCI SCSI, ATA or SATA controller would probably offer better performance than the onboard ones but it burns up a PCI slot that can be better utilized for other purposes.
  10. Brett B.

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I kinda skimmed this so maybe I missed something, but have you tried 9.2.2? Just curious if that might be more compatible with your SATA card, or any storage device, for that matter. I guess I have just never seen a reason to run anything older than 9.2.2 on a G3. FWIW, both of my G3s came with 8.1 discs. But they were the oldest revision, 233MHz machines built in 1997. Since they were sold for a couple years, I guess yours could have come with 8.6, but they were discontinued in 1999 and the B&W came out in 1999 and that disc is labeled 1999... I'd guess that's what it is supposed to be used with, a B&W G3. That said, I've used that disc and many others on beige G3s without issues so I'm not sure what's going on.
  11. Brett B.

    Macintosh LC475 upgrades

    Overclocking it will help. It made a dramatic difference on mine. You will not find any benefits from additional memory other than bragging rights. As Cory said, a VRAM upgrade would be nice if you don't already have it. Outside of those things... realistic expectations of what it is capable of is the main thing. Pick a game, check the system requirements... if it's far below them, it may just be impossible to get it running well or at all. There is just simply no way around that.
  12. Brett B.

    PRAM won't zap?

    I just read through a couple articles on the xlr8yourmac site (via archive.org....) that seem to confirm that the beige G3 tower does in fact use an ATX power supply and the motherboard jumper is set to PS/2 power supply... the desktop G3s are set to Mac and have a different PSU. I'd just verify that the ATX PSU of your choice has the correct connectors you're using now - some new ones don't have the older Molex/floppy connectors anymore - and if it does you should be good to go. I saw mention of the voltage regulator - I think the one pictured looks fine, the discoloration appears to be maybe solder flux and not so much leakage. There was also an issue with these years ago involving Royal brand VRMs that failed and were replaced... yours is a Raytheon so it should be fine, just keep that in mind if you run across one marked Royal.
  13. Brett B.

    Performa 640CD Won't Run DOS after 52 Mb Upgrade

    Try removing the logic board, reseating everything, and cleaning the edge connector. My LC630 requires that step at least once every time I change a component, has been like that for years. I think something in the edge connector circuitry is a little flaky but once it works it will continue to work just fine.
  14. Brett B.

    Performa 630 DOS issues.

    Yeah... I tried a variety with no success... See my previous post. I don't think I have version 5.1.6 to try but none of the others worked in both environments.
  15. Brett B.

    PRAM won't zap?

    These things seem to need to pass the memory test before a PRAM reset is allowed... Hence why it's not working on the first power cycle before you get video. That's my suspicion anyway. I'd also try removing and reseating EVERYTHING connected to the logic board except the CPU. Clean the edge connectors on any expansion cards you have installed too.