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  1. Microns

    Quadra 840av - recapped but it has issues

    Never seen these exact faults. Random thoughts: Have you reset the PRAM and the SMC? Done a restart with no NuBus cards installed? Cheers...
  2. Microns

    Recapped my 840av

    Excellent to hear that your recap worked well and thanks for the heads-up about clearances. I too have some 840av main boards that need recapping and your success gives me reason to get busy
  3. If I recall correctly it went from stock 25 MHz to 30MHz with no stability problems but much beyond that and things got flakey.
  4. Bought brand new for work. First PC that I connected to the public web. Nice look but stock CPU was too slow. First computer that I de-soldered the four pin clock chip off the motherboard. The replacement clock came from http://www.outputenablers.com and worked great!
  5. Microns

    Nubus Jackhammer

    Hi beachycove, You've probably been through these but just in case: Start-up with extensions off? Conflict here? Have you done a cold reboot with the Jackhammer board removed from the SCSI bus then re-installed and tried again to do a shut-down? Don't know why but clearing the Nubus sometimes helps. Reset the PRAM? Rest the logic board? Cheers...
  6. Have you reset the logic board? A logic board reset sometimes un-confuses the automatic termination that this model uses for internal SCSI devices. The written reset procedure is worth finding. Look in the 840av owners manual that is available as a pdf on the interweb.
  7. Microns

    AppleDesign Speakers

    A pair of these speakers just closed on eBay (search on 4 August completed items) for _$355_ . No joke! Admittedly they looked like they were in good condition but _$355_ ! Not exactly the same conquest as your $10 find. Congrats!
  8. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    Hi Kreats, Don't think that this is the issue. The MicroMac website describes the Quadra Cache Card as a simple cache rather than a clock doubler.
  9. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    Anyone have a slotless MicroMac Quadra Cache Card that they could test Andre's idea with? Alternatively, can anyone explain why the cache (that interacts with the CPU, a standard 40mhz 68040) would not work with an 840av? Voltage/amperage mismatch? Timing issues? Just wondering; 128k of SRAM cache would be a nice addition... Illegitimi Non Carborundum http://www.santacruzpl.org/readyref/files/a-b/bastard.shtml
  10. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    The MicroMac slotless Quadra Cache Card is an interesting idea but it is not officially compatible with the 840av. Have you tested and found that it works (i.e. speed increase and no compatibility issues)?
  11. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    kreats - In my hands the Photoengine cards appear to scale very nicely. I have never timed things but the Photoshop speedup seems roughly proportional to the number of Photoengines. One thunder IV plus two Photoengine cards makes 12 DSP coprocessors and the speedup is quite noticeable. Unknown_K - Nubus speed does not appear to be limiting but, as I said, I have not timed things. Quadraman - Just speaking for myself - the point is that there is no point. There are many better ways to run Photoshop. BTW - The Radius Rocket is not a DSP-based coprocessor and what are we wearing out? The ROMs will eventually degrade but that will happen with use of not. Cheers...
  12. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    kreats is correct, only three nubus slots used in this config. The Radius and Adobe software allow work to be spread across all eight DSP chips (4 on the Thunder and 4 on the Photoengine) in this setup. The simplest and most direct way to see this is to run with the case off the 840av and look for the LEDs (1 per processor; upper right hand corner of the boards). If they're on (flashing on/off) the processor is active. The Radius DSP hardware accelerators were developed specifically for Adobe software and use the "Adobe-Charged" system. I know them mostly from Photoshop (versions later than 2.5.1 supported) but don't recall if they also work with Adobe Premiere. Cheers...
  13. Microns

    Mac SE with a weird PDS card

    Hummm... Dear Dr B. The question mark after the word driver was meant to indicate some doubt as to whether or not this file is the driver in question. The file, of course, may have nothing to do with the AST Mac86. When I have a interesting hardware device that lacks only the driver software I check out everything that looks even close. Most of the time it turns out to be just as useless as you predict but sometimes... Cheers
  14. Microns

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    Personal preference: 840av (one that will overclock to 48Mhz, Nubus 90 standard, two Apple Hi-Res color monitors, max out the VRAM and RAM) Add: FWB Hammer SCSI-2 card (more compatible with the overclock than the ATTO cards) FWB External Ultra SCSI array Radius Thunder IV 1600x1200 with 4 DSP daughter board Radius Photoengine coprocessor card Wacom ADB tablet Then crank up Photoshop and watch the 8 coprocessors blink away...
  15. Microns

    Mac SE with a weird PDS card

    Driver? A quick visit to http://hotline.tracker-tracker.com and search for Mac86 turns up a 28.65MB file titled: TB2Mac86CD.dmg on the Hotline server Merlin at Cheers...